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Saint Patrick’s Day Printables: R is for Rainbow

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This Saint Patrick’s Day Printable: R is for Rainbow will help your Preschool and Kindergarten aged children work on letter recognition. 

When kids are learning the alphabet and the sounds letters make, they need lots of ways to “play” with their ABCs!  Check out the rest of my fun Saint Patrick’s Day activities.

st paddy letter r recognition practice for preschoolers

Use this r is for rainbow worksheet to help your child gain confidence in letter learning as well as in how to identify letters as well.

They’ll know their letter R so well after using this printable! Such a great activity for fine motor skills.

Have fun and really put the focus on the kids learning a variety of letters. Make this be a part of your letter of the week learning lessons as it’s a fun way to work through the alphabet. This cute, St Patrick-themed worksheet will help your children work on letter R!

What is in this R for Rainbow printable?

This letter r for rainbow printable really puts the focus on helping the kids learn to identify the letter r. They’ll have to know what a lowercase letter r looks like as well as when it’s capitalized.

What it includes:

This fun printable includes everything you need to get your child started on letter learning. All you have to do is print and let them get to work. They’re going to love the independence and you’ll love to watch their confidence soar as they complete it.

Fun ways to use this printable:

While printables are fun as is, there are other ways that you can expand the printable to use as well.

Trace the letters

Once the printable is done, have the kids work on letter tracing on the back of the sheet. Or better yet, put a plain place of white paper over the top of the printable and have them trace all the r letters that they can see!

Create a letter r craft

The fun thing about this printable is that it’s on paper and we all know that paper has room to create on it! A simple craft idea is for them to work on drawing a colorful rainbow on the back of the printable. This is a fun rainbow craft that they’ll be able to easily do.

Work on spelling new words

Every time your child sees the letter r on the sheet, have them say a word that starts with the letter r and then spell it together. This will help them identify and learn even more!

letter r worksheets in a fun rainbow theme

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