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Find the Letter: B is for Bells Worksheet

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This B is for Bells Worksheet will help your preschool and early-elementary-aged children work on recognizing the letter B and use that knowledge to grow! Use this fun printable as a great way to help them prep their alphabet learning! Be sure to check out all my Find the Letter Worksheets as well!

Combining printable worksheets with fun holiday themes is a simple way to get everyone geared up and ready for holiday learning and fun. The more that you can use themes to teach and learn, the more that your little ones will be ready to blossom and start to read!

pin image that reads letter b printable find a letter worksheet

Just in time for Christmas, this Bells-themed worksheet is a perfect extra for your reading preparedness studies! I love being able to use worksheets in a way that helps with their confidence as well as their want to learn more.

Since there are so many letters of the alphabet to work through, breaking down the letters to learn one by one is a great way to help them fully understand each letter and how they can use it in their everyday life.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

One of the most important learning objects for kids is to be able to identify and understand how to identify letters and then learn how to read.

This letter B printable worksheet helps them identify not only lowercase letters but uppercase letters as well.

What this does is help them to use that knowledge and then to learn how to read, learn how to structure sentences, and learn how to spell different words, too.

It’s amazing to see them start to put all the letters together after they’ve learned all about them!



What it includes:

This printable letter worksheet includes a printable page covered in letters. Not all the letters on the page are the letter b, and it’s up to your little one to go through and find the right letter that they’re supposed to be focusing on.

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Fun ways to use this printable:

You know that I love printables! While I love making them and supplying them to you, don’t stop with that momentum!

Use this free printable as a way to guide them into more learning fun – and to start thinking outside the box.

There are so many ways to educate children that don’t have to be sitting down for a traditional learning day. Here are some other great ways to use these worksheets and themes to incorporate more learning into your child’s life.

Have a letter B scavenger hunt

Kids love to get up and move – and a scavenger hunt inside the house or outside is a great way to make that happen.

The instructions are simple. Tell the kids that they have 5 minutes (or however long you want) to find items in the house that start with the letter b. They can either write them down, take a picture of them, or bring them to you – whatever they prefer.

Then, when they bring them to you, have them write out the words on a piece of paper. (with your help)

You can do the same concept outside in your yard as well on a nice day and the weather allows it.

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Draw pictures of items that start with the letter B

If you have artists in the house, or kids that love to be creative, have them explore that and draw pictures that start with the letter b.

You can have them draw a ball, buffalo, basketball, or anything else that they can think of. Those are just a few examples to get the brain juices flowing!

Write a fun holiday play and then act it out

Since this letter B printable is holiday-themed, write a Christmas play that the kids can act out! But don’t forget to give them a few rules so that they focus on the letter b.

They can create characters with b-letter names, they can write poems that have to be about Christmas words that start with the letter B, or they can create a play that has everyone shouting out random words that start with the letter b.

The fun thing about making a play at home is that it pushes them to be silly and creative, all at the same time!

pin image that reads letter b printable find the letter worksheet

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