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Ocean Animals Letter Find Worksheets

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These Find a Letter Worksheets are part of our ocean animals unit study!   They will help your Preschool-aged children work on improving their cognitive skills.

These Ocean Animals Letter Find Worksheets are a great way to help your child with learning letter recognition. It is like a little game to your child, and it’s so much fun to watch their eyes light up as they find the letters they are looking for.

Plus, I’ve also included many other ways you can expand on this lesson at the end of this post. By the time your preschooler is done with this activity, they’ll be able to tell you about many amazing animals that live in the ocean.

letter find under the sea worksheets

One of the most important things that preschoolers need to learn is how to recognize letters. Being able to identify all of the letters in the alphabet is a key foundation for reading and writing.

One way to help your child with this is to provide them with opportunities like this to find a specific letter among a selection of similar letters.

Ocean Animals Unit Study: Letter Finds

I am sharing these free printables and other resources to help you plan your Ocean Animals Unit Study.

I hope you find these homeschooling freebies useful for you in your homeschool classes!

This simple activity will help your child begins to learn the individual letters and their shapes, setting them on the path towards being able to read and write.

What is this printable?

This printable pdf pack includes pretty ocean animals with adorable faces that will appeal to preschool aged children and other children that are starting the “learn to read” process by identifying and recognizing the letters of the alphabet.

Each sheet is for a specific letter. Your children should be able to find all of that letter among a selection of similar letters.

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What worksheets are included?

These under the sea worksheets include one sheet for each of the following fun ocean creatures:

  • C is for Crab
  • D is for Dolphin
  • J is for Jellyfish
  • O is for Orca Whale
  • S is for Sea Turtle

Includes both upper and lower case letters.

free printable letter find ocean worksheets

Fun ways to use these letter finds:

Just giving a child a worksheet and having them take a go at it isn’t always the best use of that worksheet.

Yes, circling things with a pencil can help improve grasp and fine motor skills, but you can mix things up to make the sheets fun!

Count the Letters

Instead of just having your student circle each letter, have them count the capital letters and count the lower case letters. This will work on counting in addition to letter recognition! I love worksheets that hit on multiple educational skills, don’t you?

At first glance, the preschool activity of counting the letters may seem like a simple task. However, this exercise can actually help children to develop important skills such as counting and alphabet recognition.

By breaking down the task into smaller steps, children can better understand the concept of counting and learn to identify each letter of the alphabet.

In addition, this activity can help to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

As a result, preschoolers who regularly engage in counting activities are likely to develop a strong foundation for future success in school.

Bingo Dobbers

Kids love to pay with bingo dobbers – can you blame them? Snatch up a set of these do-a-dot markers and have your kids bop each matching letter. They could even use one color for upper case and a different color for lower case letters.

Bye-Bye Non Matching Letters

Instead of having your child mark the matching letters, you could have them cross out or paint over the ones that don’t match!


I love giving my kids manipulative items like these adorable ocean erasers. They can put one on each of the correct letters of their sheets.



What are the benefits of letter find worksheets?

There are many benefits to using letter find worksheets for preschoolers. One of the most important benefits is that they can help children learn to read.

These worksheets provide a great way for children to practice recognizing letters and sounding out words.

In addition, they can also help children learn the alphabet. This is an important skill for preschoolers as they begin to prepare for learning to read.

Another benefit of letter find worksheets is that they can help improve fine motor skills. Cutting out the letters and then finding them helps preschoolers develop their ability to use scissors and improve their hand-eye coordination.

Letter find worksheets are a great way for preschoolers to learn essential skills that will help them succeed in school and in life.

Why is it important for preschoolers to learn about the ocean?

The ocean is a fascinating place, full of mystery and adventure. It’s no wonder that preschoolers are often eager to learn about the animals that live there.

Unfortunately, many preschoolers never have the opportunity to explore the ocean firsthand. Luckily, there are many ways to bring the ocean into the classroom.

Through books, videos, and games, preschoolers can learn about the different animals that call the ocean home. By understanding more about these creatures, preschoolers can develop a greater appreciation for the ocean and its many inhabitants.

In addition, preschoolers who learn about the ocean may be more likely to care for it when they grow up. After all, it’s never too early to start teaching kids about the importance of conservation.

find the letter ocean animals worksheets

More FREE Sea Creatures Unit Study Freebies and Resources:

Don’t just stop the education with these ocean worksheets for preschool, make sure that your lesson plan includes many ocean printables and theme activities for your children.

I have rounded up multiple sea animals resources below. However, you can also access all of the ocean animals unit study resources here at 3 Boys and a Dog!

Enhance Your Ocean Themed Learning:

Looking for more fun items, that kids will love, to help you in teaching them about Sea Creatures? You will like these theme add-ons from Amazon!

The following do contain affiliate links.

Ocean Animals Books for Kids

  1. Ocean Life From A to Z Book and DVD (Readers Book & DVD)
  2. Easy Make & Learn Projects: Animal Habitats: Reproducible Mini-Books and 3-D Manipulatives That Teach About Oceans, Rain Forests, Polar Regions, and 12 Other Important Habitats
  3. Awesome Ocean Science (Williamson Kids Can! Series)

Educational Ocean Animals Toys for Kids

  1. Ocean Dive Eco Expedition
  2. Under The Sea! Plastic Sea Life Creatures (90 pc)
  3. LeapFrog The Magic School Bus Oceans Learning Game (Works with LeapPad Tablets, LeapsterGS, and Leapster Explorer)
  4. Ocean-Opoly Monopoly Board Game
ocean themed worksheets for letter recognition

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Friday 22nd of July 2016

Kelli, O is for Ocean was by far one of our best lessons in my preschool classroom. I can hardly wait to do it again... these worksheets will be a great addition! Sinea‚ô•

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Saturday 23rd of August 2014

What a fun learning activity!