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Halloween Posts on 3 Boys and a Dog

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Here you will find all the Halloween posts on my site!  Are you ready for some spooky fun?  Scroll on down to see what all I have here!  Plus, there will be more coming soon!

HalloweenHalloween Recipes

  1. Easy Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes
  2. Bloody Mocktail
  3. Spooky Spider Cake
  4. Yummy Mummy Cheese Spread
  5. Lumpy Pumpkin Bites Recipe
  6. No Bake Ghost Cookies
  7. Kitty Litter Cake
  8. Crunchy Halloween Monster Munch
  9. 13 Yummy Pinterest Halloween Recipes
  10. Toasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe
  11. Gross Halloween Food Ideas
  12. Halloween Mocktails
  13. Halloween Fruit Kabobs
  14. Screaming Ghost Pretzel Candy
  15. 25+ Halloween Food Ideas
  16. 25+ Spooky Halloween Non-Alcoholic Punch Recipes
  17. 25+ Halloween Snacks For Kids
  18. 30+ Halloween Cookie Recipes
  19. Halloween Snack Mix Recipe
  20. Fun Halloween Bento Box Idea
  21. Halloween Charcuterie Board Recipe

Household Halloween Printables

  1. Free Halloween Menu Printable
  2. Printable Halloween Themed 4×6 Recipe Card
  3. Free Halloween Recipe Card Printable
  4. Halloween Printable: Blessing Cards

Halloween Crafts & DIY

  1. Howdy to Homemade Halloween Costumes
  2. Costumes to Help Fido Celebrate Halloween
  3. 12 Halloween Crafts for you and Your Little One
  4. Itsy Bitsy Spider Halloween Craft
  5. Fun and Easy Halloween Crafts
  6. Elmers Teacher Gift: Halloween Bucket of Goodies!
  7. Front Yard Scarecrows
  8. Frankenweenie Free Printable Masks
  9. What do you do with all the Halloween Candy? Fun Ideas!
  10. How to Host a Halloween Party
  11. Pinterest Crafts: Halloween
  12. How to Decorate Your Home for Halloween
  13. Over 100 Pumpkin Carving Printables 
  14. 10+ Halloween Handwriting Printables

Educational Halloween Unit Studies and Printables

  1. P is for Pumpkin Preschool Alphabet
  2. Halloween Handwriting Practice Printable
  3. Free Frankenweenie Science Activity Sheets
  4. Monsters University Printables
  5. Halloween Preschool Handwriting Practice
  6. Halloween Printables: Finding Verbs
  7. Halloween Printables: Candy Corn Counting
  8. Halloween Printables: Same or Different
  9. Halloween Printables: Patterns and Sequencing
  10. Halloween Printable: Reading Fun
  11. Halloween Printable: Finding the Letter P
  12. Halloween Printable: Cutting Practice
  13. 8 Educational Printables for Halloween
  14. Halloween Printables: Addition Worksheets
  15. Halloween Printables: Multiplication Worksheets
  16. Halloween Printables: W is for Witch
  17. Halloween Printables: Greater Than Less Than
  18. Pumpkin Fall Activities for Preschoolers
  19. Kids Color Pages: Halloween
  20. Preschool Halloween Books for Kids
  21. Chapter Books for Halloween
  22. Children’s Books About Witches
  23. Bewitching Numbers File Folder Game
  24. Over 10 Halloween Cutting Practice Ideas
  25. 25+ Halloween Literacy Ideas

My Halloween Board on Pinterest

Halloween Pinterest Board

Other Halloween Goodies

  1. Top 6 Paranormal Tourism Hot Spots
  2. Tips on Throwing a Great Halloween Kids Party
  3. 6 High-Tech Tips for a Fun, Frugal and Fearless Halloween
  4. Get The Most Out of Unwanted Costumes
  5. Feast on Halloween Candy while Avoiding Tooth Decay
  6. A Teachable Moment: October 2010 Halloween
  7. How to Save Money on Halloween
  8. Free Frankenweenie Memory Game Printable
  9. Free Frankenweenie Family Activity Sheets
  10. Great deal on an Alternative to Handing out Candy
  11. 25 Halloween Teacher Gifts
  12. 50 Halloween Movies for Children
  13. 50 Halloween Outdoor Decorations
  14. 50 Halloween Indoor Decorations

Ultimate Halloween Guide

Halloween Books:

  1. Preschool Halloween Books for Kids
  2. Children’s Books about Witches
  3. Chapter Books for Halloween

 Halloween Guest Posts and Such:

  1. Halloween Lunch Box Notes:  I made these adorable (if I do say so myself) notes!  Seriously, they are super cute and great for breakfast notes or lunch box notes
  2. Over 30 Halloween Homeschooling Freebies by Subject:  This is a guest post I wrote over on Crystal and Comp and every day I wish I had it on my site. LOL!  It is seriously a fabulous group of links to help you teach about Halloween.

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