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Halloween Addition Worksheets

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These Halloween Addition Worksheets will help your lower elementary-aged children work on their math skills.  

I have so many great Halloween Worksheets for the kids!

I hope your children have a bit of fun doing Math with these fun Halloween printables!

This is perfect for a Halloween unit study as well. Halloween-themed worksheets make for interesting learning that the kids will love.

Use these Halloween addition sheets as a great way to work on addition with regrouping and skip counting.

These sheets start out easy and progressively get a bit harder.  All four sheets have fun Halloween-themed clip art on them.  Make certain to check out my other preschool worksheets for more learning fun, too.

What will the kids learn from this addition printables?

These printables can help them learn Halloween addition and subtraction while having fun! Learning addition facts is a fun way to build their confidence quickly so that they can work on adding doubles and even more math worksheets later down the road.

What it includes:

These printables are all about teaching addition! They have fun picture pages that help to teach digit addition in a fun and easy to process way.



Fun ways to use this printable:

Using number lines for learning math are great but let’s all agree that Halloween learning is perfect for this time of year. Here are some other ideas to get into that spooky spirit!

Count candy corn

Grab that yummy Halloween candy and start counting! This is an easy way to motivate them to work on their math counting skills with a sweet incentive.

Find and count all the Halloween objects in your house

If you’ve decorated for Halloween, have the kids run around the house and count all the items. If you haven’t, get out the decorations and count them out as you’re putting them up.

Then, make these coffee filter bats as part of your Halloween unit study, too!

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Plan out how you’re going to spend Halloween

One of the best parts about using Halloween learning worksheets is that they launch into other learning fun as well. This means that you and the kids can sit down and have a great conversation about what they want to do on Halloween. Talk about their costumes, plan out the night and enjoy making fun memories that are going to soon happen.

More Printable Halloween Activities:

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