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30+ Halloween Cookie Recipes

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You will love these Halloween Cookie Recipes! Each recipe is unique, festive, and delicious! These spooky desserts are spooky good – and super fun to make!

The next time you have a sweet tooth kicking, you’ll want to check out these fun flavors. They’re exactly what you need this time of year!

If you have a sweet tooth, this list will be your new best friend. All the cookie recipes on this list are fun to make and great for sharing.

I’ve made quite a few of these, and I promise they’re worth it!

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How do I store baked cookies?

Properly storing baked cookies is paramount in maintaining their texture, flavor, and moisture content. Firstly, ensure that the cookies have completely cooled down before transferring them into a storage container, as enclosed warm air can cause them to become soft and soggy.

Additionally, keep cookies in an airtight container or resealable bag, as exposure to air can cause them to dry out and become stale quickly.

An ideal location to store baked cookies would be in a cool, dry spot away from sunlight, as heat and humidity can also result in cookies losing their crispness and freshness.

When storing different types of cookies together, separating them with layers of parchment paper or wax paper is best to avoid cross-contamination of flavors and textures.



One of the most iconic Halloween cookie toppings is undoubtedly orange and black sprinkles. These colorful adornments lend a festive touch to any cookie.

Another popular choice is candy eyes, which can turn regular cookies into creepy-crawly treats. Chocolate chips in the shape of bats or other spooky creatures are another classic option. And for a more sophisticated touch, consider piping royal icing in Halloween-themed designs.

No matter which toppings you choose, have fun and embrace the holiday spirit with your delicious creations.

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    Trick or treat! This list of cookie recipes is great to start making now! Find out which one you like best by trying them all out!

    Here are some of my favorite cookie recipes that Im’ sure you will love.

    Halloween Cookie Recipes

    I can't believe all the fun flavors of these Halloween Cookie Recipes!

    Do you have a favorite sweet treat on this cookie list?

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