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Halloween Printables: Blessing Cards

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I have a little secret to tell you.. I used to dread Halloween.

We never celebrated Halloween as our older children were growing up.  It was just a holiday that we chose as a family not to participate in.

Over the years I have found my heart softening and God has spoken to my heart clearly that I am to be a blessing to others and not be rejecting of  them.  Oh, I didn’t reject them on purpose, but my behavior was less than loving for sure.

These Halloween Printables: Blessing Cards are a great way to show your love of Christ while still allowing the children a bit of silly fun!

Free Halloween blessing cards

With the decision to love rather than fear came some confusion.  How can I be a blessing without fully participating in Halloween?

About 5 years ago I determined that we would open up our front door to trick or treaters.  Before that, we made it a habit to not be home during the doorbell ringing hours.

I know…how scroogish can you get?!

We decided that we would shower our visitors with love and praise, even when the scariest of costumes came a knocking.  We would give handfuls of candy…


A Halloween Blessing…

We decided that we would tie some cute printable blessings onto the candies we handed out..just to remind children that they are loved and we were happy to see them.

So if you have ever felt as I and after reading about how we never celebrated Halloween, print out the above fun printable and give out to your trick or treaters!

You will be blessed yourselves to see the joy that those littles are having.

>> Get your free printable Halloween Blessing Cards here.

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Lauralee Hensley

Thursday 16th of October 2014

When I grew up only one year were we allowed to participate in Halloween. That was a year my Dad was working during those hours. My mom let us go trick or treating, but we could never tell Dad and no candy out when he was at home. Our Dad was like you, he let us hand out candy, but with Christian little booklets, telling about how to know Jesus and God. So, I think if you don't let your kids go trick or treating, at least letting them hand out candy in little sandwich bags with in your case little blessing cards, is nice. It gives the children something to do, as well as being nice to the children who come to the door. Besides, if there is enough candy left over after trick & treating is done for the evening, your kids have a little sweetness as well.


Wednesday 15th of October 2014

Great post Shari, Very cute printable! I love the old-fashioned look of them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. So many things in society turn out to be a balancing act. I don't think you were a scrooge :) just following what you thought was right. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. Sheila

Jennifer at Making Our Life Matter

Tuesday 14th of October 2014

Shari, this is such a cute idea. I am sharing this with my SIL. They were looking for some ideas for the Youth Group Halloween party, and these would be perfect to hand out! So glad I found this post!