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How to Host a Halloween Party!

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Are you ready to learn how to host a Halloween Party? You’re going to love these tips! When it comes to throwing a bash (a monster bash perhaps?), these tips can help make it amazing!

When you think of past years, do you skip over Halloween? It’s not just for kids. If you want to throw a party for grown-ups, kids, or families, here are some ideas for some scary fun that everyone will love.

how to host a Halloween Party

Everyone loves a good scare. And, Halloween night is the perfect time to do it. As an alternative to trick-or-treat or just a way to get in on the fun, hosting a Halloween party at your home can help you usher in the fall season.  

Ever since my Husband and I first began dating, his Mom has put on a Halloween party!  It isn’t actually scary, more fun.  

With creepy decor and scary costumes, though, she definitely makes you feel a bit creeped out.  Personally, I look forward to the party each year!

Preparing for the Goosebumps

Like with any other party, the best plans begin early. It is never too early to get the word out. Once everyone else jumps on the bandwagon, it will be hard to scare up any guests.

The invitation – Send them out at least three weeks in advance of the event. Give everyone time to get their costumes in order (for that type of party) or just to check their calendars. It also gets you in the planning mood so you have time to put together a fantastic shindig.

Party theme – It is Halloween, but you can narrow down your theme a bit more according to your choice of guests. For adults, it can be a period party like the 50s or 60s.

Or you can ask everyone to come as their favorite monster or vampire from a movie. Teens will like a Twilight theme. Mention if you will be giving prizes for costumes.

Decorations – You can get as detailed as you want, but you don’t have to go over budget. Construction paper, pipe cleaners, and yard can be used to fashion spiders to hang from the ceiling. Cotton balls and white yarn can double as sticky webs.

Strings of orange lights in the trees and along the walkway also give the idea of a great scary party just inside. Carve up a few pumpkins for the guests to admire.  Here are my Amazon picks –

  1. 4 yards x 30″ CREEPY CLOTH – spooky halloween decoration
  2. GIANT Creepy Cloth SPIDER – extends 4 feet!
  3. Interactive Skeleton in Hammock spooky Halloween decoration sound-activated
  4. Beistle Bloody Handprint Clings, 12-Inch by 17-Inch Sheet
  5. Asylum Scene Setter Kit
  6. Pressure Sensitive SCREAMING DOORMAT Halloween Decoration BATTERY OPERATED (Just Place It Under Your Doormat)
  7. Zombie-Hand Peel ‘N Place Toilet Topper
  8. 72 Plastic Halloween Picks

Games – Even adults love games. Do you have a back patio? Set up some chairs and a few candles around a table. Each guest can take turns telling the scariest story they know. For ambitious hosts, how about offering a haunted walk? Your family can help you by being scary characters around the yard just waiting to scare the willies out of the party guests.

Food – There is so much that you can do with Halloween food. Put gelatin eyeballs in the punch. Make dirt and worm cupcakes. Tombstone cakes or gingerbread men decorated as skeletons will bring delight from the crowd. Drizzle your popcorn with red-tinted caramel for a bloody treat.  Here are some of my picks from Amazon:

Entertainment – Have a few scary CDs playing for the guests as they mingle. Or, if you like slasher flicks and you also have a large television, broadcast the scariest movies you can find for your guests.  One year, we set up a projector onto a white sheet.

Halloween is supposed to be full of creepy, scary fun. Use these ideas to throw a great party!

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I love Halloween! This is perfect. Pinned. Lou Lou Girls


Thursday 23rd of October 2014

Helpful list for the Amazon products. Thank you!