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Kid Color Pages: Halloween

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I know that some parents are not fans of kid color pages,  but do you know how beneficial they are?

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kid color pages halloween

All worksheets, even Halloween printables, are good for enhancing many of our children’s skills.

Coloring pages are awesome for building the following skills for children:

  • expanding cognitive skills
  • improving motor skills
  • encouraging creativity
  • developing grip
  • teaching color recognition
  • enhancing hand and eye coordination

Halloween Coloring Pages:

Here is an eight page packet of Halloween color pages for kids that you will love!

These are perfect for homeschoolers, classrooms or use them as party favors at your Fall Festival or class party at school!

Let me show you all of the pages we have in the packet.

First, start by printing the packet.  You can print the Halloween kid color pages here.

I am going to show you what four of the pages look like.

The first page is a spooky (but fun) haunted house.

halloween color page 1

This page also has the words Happy Halloween written on it.

How many H’s are in the words Happy Halloween?

How many O’s?

Make coloring these pages a fun game and learning experience.

Next is a page that says spooks and spells.

halloween color page 2

See the spider web, the ghost and the frog?

How many pumpkins do you see? Write the answer on the line at the top of the page.

What color will you make the cat? Black?

What about the frog? Will you color him green?

halloween color page 4I love this fun page with the moon and the frog and spider.

How many legs does a spider have?

Write your answer on the line at the top of the page.

halloween color page 3

There are four more fun pages you will want to take a look at.

Many of them ask a question to engage your little one while he/she is coloring.

We love using color pages in our homeschool work. It is a great way to give them a brain break, but it also a great way to build some amazing skills, like the ones listed above.

Do your kids love to color? Do you ever color with them?

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