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Free Homeschooling Printables: By Holiday and Special Event

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Welcome to my new homeschooling freebies resource page!  I realized that I was beginning to amass too many random free printables and amazing homeschooling resources on my site that I had to get them organized.  So, that is what this post is.


  1. Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages – 6 page PDF document of Beauty and the Beast coloring sheets!
  2. Road Trip Mad Libs for Children – Planning a road trip for the New Year? Check out this fun activity!
  3. Dr. Martin Luther King Day – Lots of printables and other online activities to help you teach about this part of our History!  Also includes a book list!
  4. Free Chapter – Alphabet Soup, Celery!
  5. Free Chapter – Alphabet Soup. Dragonfruit!


  1. Free Valentine’s Day Homeschooling Printable Pack
  2. Free Activity Pack – The Secret World of Arrietty from Disney’s new movie!
  3. Scaled to Size Printable Solar System in B/W and Color!
  4. Free Chapter – Alphabet Soup, Eggplant!
  5. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse:  I Heart Minnie Activity Pack
  6. Free Valentine Coloring Book
  7. Cowboy Themed Learning Printables


  1. I need your help – Homeschooling Idea… come leave your opinions to help me make you some cool printables!
  2. Zoobles Spring to Life Activity Pack
  3. St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Book
  4. Gotta Get Caught Up To Do List Printable


  1. Easter Alphabet Match File Folder Game
  2. Easter Coloring Page
  3. Chimpanzee Educators Guide – Over 100 pages!
  4. Chimpanzee Family Activity Pack
  5. Printable Illustrated Bible Verses
  6. Free Printable Medicine Chart for Kids
  7. Print Your Own: Alabama Roll Tide Party Invitations


  1. NONE! 🙁 Turns out I did zero free printables in May 2012… not sure why!  Look for some coming May 2013. 🙂


  1. Father’s Day – I Love Dad printable
  2. Father’s Day – Dad’s Report Card printable
  3. Father’s Day:  Dinner for Dad printable
  4. BRAVE Movie Cut Out Characters
  5. Father’s Day:  Coupon Book for Dad
  6. Free A to Z Veggies:  Chapter 6 F is for Figs


  1. July is… National Hot Dog Month! – complete Unit Study
  2. Under The Sea: Sea Creatures Free Printable Worksheet
  3. Odd Life of Timothy Green Summer Fun Kit
  4. Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed


  1. August is… National Golf Month! – complete Unit Study
  2. Free Chapter – Alphabet Soup, Chapter One:  Asparagus
  3. Tinker Bell Summer Recipes, Games, & Activities
  4. Dinosaur Lunchbox or Breakfast Notes
  5. Twinkle Toes The Movie:  Coloring Page
  6. Shark Week Fun Facts from Nemo
  7. The LORAX Activity Sheet
  8. Thanks for Helping us Grow – Teacher Appreciation Printable
  9. Tulip Treasure – Teacher Appreciation Printable
  10. 29 Cool Math Games for Preschoolers – some are printable and some aren’t.  But, all are FREE!
  11. Big & Little Preschool Lesson using Dinosaurs


  1. September is… Chicken Month! – complete Unit Study
  2. Dino Study – Short and Long Printable
  3. FRANKENWEENIE Science Activity Sheets
  4. FRANKENWEENIE Family Activity Sheets
  5. Three Little Pigs: Circle Pig Printable
  6. Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3 Printable Games & Activities
  7. FRANKENWEENIE Memory Game Cards


  1. 12 Easy Halloween Projects for You and Your Little Ones
  2. Fun and Easy Halloween Crafts
  3. Halloween Handwriting Printables – 4 worksheets that span all grade levels!
  4. Halloween Homeschooling Freebies by Subject – This is actually a guest post that I wrote for Crystal and Company, but I think it is seriously a fabulous resource!  Each Subject offers approximately 5 freebies to really round out your Unit Study!
  5. Halloween Post Round Up 2011 – over 60 links to Halloween crafts, recipes, etc!)
  6. Itsy Bitsy Spider Homeschooling Craft
  7. October is… Cookie Month! – complete Unit Study
  8. Printable Halloween 4 x 6 Recipe Card
  9. Star Pattern Printable
  10. Cinderella Princess Tea Party Printables
  11. The Sea Mice and The Stars Printable Star
  12. Magical Cinderella Princess Tea Party Printables
  13. Fall Themed Lunch Box (and breakfast) notes
  14. FRANKENWEENIE Printable Masks
  15. Halloween:  4 x 6 Starry Night Recipe Card
  16. Halloween:  Starry Night Menu Planning Sheet
  17. Wreck-it Ralph Coloring Pages
  18. Fall Colors 4 x 6 Recipe Cards
  19. Dinosaur Puppets (look need the bottom of the post for a link)


  1. Cooking Muppets Printables (Kermit and Fozzie)
  2. November is… Peanut Butter Lovers Month – complete Unit Study
  3. Printable Thanksgiving 4 x 6 Recipe Card
  4. Thankful Math – reader request for Math worksheet!
  5. Thanksgiving Craft and Recipe Link Up 2011 – over 30 links to Thanksgiving crafts, unit studies, decorations, recipes, etc
  6. Thanksgiving Homeschooling Freebies by Subject – Crystal and Company was so happy to the response to my Halloween post that she asked me to come back and do a Thanksgiving one.  Each Subject offers approximately 5 freebies to really round out your Unit Study!
  7. Thanksgiving Menu Planning Sheet
  8. Free Chapter:  Alphabet Soup, Bananas


  1. Christmas Crafts and Recipes Link Up 2011 – HUGE resource of tons of Christmas crafts, unit studies, decorations, recipes, etc
  2. Religious Vocabulary Words Homeschooling Printable – These are all Religious based words like Epiphany, Angels, and more.
  3. Christmas Handwriting and Coloring Page for Preschool – Cute Christmas printable
  4. Have a SmoreTastic Holiday Season – Adorable baggie label for Christmas gifts! (This isn’t on MY site, but I designed the free printable)
  5. Christmas Handwriting Worksheet printable for Kindergarten kids!
  6. Muppets’ Christmas Worksheets, Coloring Pages, and Crafts activity pack!
  7. Warhorse Movie Worksheets
  8. Kids Calendar / Notebook Printable Set

Do you have a request?  I make them as a request sometimes and offer them to my entire readership.  If I don’t feel it will be a good fit, I charge a VERY small amount.  Please see design services for more information!

Sharing is caring!

Robyn Loew

Sunday 7th of February 2016

I was interested in downloading the rest of your Alphabet Soup- A to Z Fruits and Veggies printables, but I am unable to locate them in your website. Do you have a link that you can send me? I only have A-F.


Thursday 15th of December 2011

great resource! I'd love you to add them to my What We Wore and Made Party over at

Eddie - The Usual Mayhem

Monday 12th of December 2011

Thanks for the great links! Following you over from No Time For Flashcards.