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Free Homeschooling Unit Study: July 2011

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Free Homeschooling Unit Studies

Each month, I will send in a neat unit study that coordinates with fun and sometimes wacky Holidays for the upcoming month.  In addition to tips, ideas, and thoughts, I will also include links to some fun things to learn about in your homeschool.  Don’t homeschool?  No big deal!  Spend time with your kids during the weekends and on holidays doing these fun things and teach them something in the process!

I’ve compiled a big list of themed unit studies that would be great to pair with the kids learning lessons!

July is… National Hot Dog Month

All items in the list below are free unless otherwise stated.  *If it is underlined, you can click it!



Unique Holiday:

National Hot Dog Month

Specific Days that Coordinate

  • July 15thCow Appreciation Day. What better way to show your appreciation for the day than to stick to pork hotdogs? Smile
  • July 17thNational Ice Cream Day. Nice!  Make some ice cream and invite family and friends over to celebrate!  To help you out, here is an awesome list of ice cream recipes.
  • July 23rdNational Hot Dog Day The main day for this crazy holiday!  Be sure you are serving up some hotdogs this month!  (Since you are preparing for the month a week ahead of time, be sure to grab this coupon to save on hotdogs!)
  • July 31st Mutt’s Day. OK, I know this is kind of gross saying this holiday coordinates with National Hot Dog Month, but think about it.  A mutt is a mixed breed and what is a hotdog?  A mixture of stuff. HA!  I want to see how y’all have fun with this one.  Smile

Fun things to do this month

  • Hot Dog Factory Virtual Tour
  • Hot Dog History
  • Hot Dog Legends
  • Hot Dog Trivia and Fun Facts

Free Printables for this month

Books to Read this month:

These are Amazon links and they cost (all under 5 dollars) but you can always check with your local library!

Neat recipes to add to the menu plan this month

NOTE: I may occasionally post some things that cost, but will try very hard to keep those items minimal and under 5 dollars each!  Sometimes, you just have to spend a bit of money to really get something you want. LOL!

Be sure to leave me a comment letting me know your plans for the month and even how it went last month!

Sharing is caring!


Sunday 26th of June 2011

What great ideas! Stumbled from Social Network Exchange. (Sink or Swim)

Rene @ BudgetSavingMom

Saturday 25th of June 2011

How fun!! Thanks for the ideas. (-:


Saturday 25th of June 2011

TY so much!! Look for the next one one week before the end of the month :-)

Wendy Godwin

Thursday 23rd of June 2011

I am so glad I found your website. I will enjoy using this with my kids. We have some things in common. I, too, am a stay home mom, with three children (one of mine is a girl), and my husband is a teacher. We live in south Alabama. I home schooled last year, but we are moving to Andalusia (our hometown) shortly and will send our children to one of the county schools there. I am going to try and pick up some substitute teaching because my mom is close enough to keep my daughter one or two days a week. It will help out with the money issues. We are excited. I will still enjoy doing these things with my kids. They sound fun. Thanks :)


Thursday 23rd of June 2011

Good to have you here! Stick around, I am working on sets for every month and already have next months scheduled! They will show up on my blog 1 week before the end of the month. Also, I have homemaking freebies and awesome deals daily. :-)