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Beauty and The Beast Coloring Pages for Kids

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Check out these Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages for kids! They’re the perfect way for any movie fan to use creativity and fun. Grab the crayons or markers, and let the kids get started! Free coloring pages for all!

The fun part about each page is that it’s an image of something the kids will recognize from the movie. See how they color each one and then talk about their choices.

It’s a tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme….see what I’m doing there? Everyone knows this movie and loves the characters – so the kids will surely have fun coloring them in and making them unique!

You’ll find Chip, the Enchanted Rose, books, and more! It’s a fun and simple compilation that the kids will love to have.

At what age can children begin coloring?

Children can begin to explore the world of coloring as early as 18 months of age when they can grip a crayon and enjoy the thrill of leaving a mark on paper.

At this tender stage, they develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, essential abilities for writing later on. Coloring provides a creative outlet and an opportunity for sensory stimulation through the exploration of colors and shapes.

Children start to exhibit more control around 2 to 3 years old and might begin coloring within lines, but it’s important to remember that every child develops at their own pace.

Encouraging this form of self-expression is beneficial regardless of the age they begin, and it should always be an enjoyable experience free from the pressure of achieving perfection.



What are fun ways to display my child’s artwork?

Displaying your child’s artwork can be a delightful way to celebrate their creativity while adding a personal touch to your home decor.

Consider creating a colorful gallery wall where drawings and paintings become part of an eclectic art collection. Magnetic frames on the refrigerator allow for easy and frequent updates, turning the kitchen into a mini-exhibition space.

For a more interactive display, set up a rotating art station with binder clips or clothespins strung along a wire, showcasing the art and inviting regular curation.

Digital slide frames are a contemporary alternative, where you can scan and upload the artwork to enjoy an ever-changing digital presentation.

For a three-dimensional exhibit, dedicate a shelf or a bookcase to arrange sculptures or crafted projects, putting your child’s three-dimensional art at center stage.

These fun and dynamic ways of showcasing your child’s masterpieces can create an inspiring environment for the family and guests.

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What are the characters in the Beauty and the Beast movie?

At the heart is Belle, a bright and beautiful young woman with a spirit as vibrant as the roses she adores. Her counterpart is the Beast, a once-arrogant prince now trapped under the curse of an enchantress, reflecting his inner turmoil through his fierce exterior.

Lumière, the charming candelabra, provides a light-hearted presence with his impeccable manners and relentless optimism. Cogsworth, the meticulous and anxious mantel clock, often fusses over the castle’s affairs, serving as a foil to Lumière’s merriment.

Mrs. Potts, the warm and maternal teapot, along with her adorable teacup son, Chip, adds to the warmth of the magical castle setting.

The spirited feather duster, Plumette, and the brooding, melancholic piano, Maestro Cadenza, grace the narrative with their presence.

Not to forget Gaston, the vain and brawny suitor of Belle, whose arrogance knows no bounds, and his comically loyal sidekick, LeFou, whose admiration for Gaston often lands them in trouble.

Each character is meticulously crafted to add depth, humor, and poignance to this beloved story, creating a rich tapestry of personalities that brings “Beauty and the Beast” to life.

What are fun ideas for a Beauty and the Beast movie watch party?

Be ready to step into a tale as old as time with your “Beauty and the Beast” movie watch party! Here are some enchanting ideas to sweep your guests off their feet:

Transform your living room into the grand ballroom of the Beast’s castle with golden drapes and twinkling fairy lights. Encourage everyone to dress as their favorite character from the beloved film—whether Belle in her iconic yellow gown or Gaston with his exaggerated bravado.

Serve up theme-inspired treats like ‘Chip’ teacup cookies, ‘Mrs. Potts’ punch and a ‘Beastly’ chocolate fondue set.

For activities, consider setting up a “Belle’s Book Nook” for cozy reading or have a sing-along during the movie’s iconic songs.

Finally, don’t forget to hand out roses as party favors to remind your guests that true beauty comes from within.

With these magical touches, your watch party will surely be a “be our guest” moment to remember!

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Encourage your child’s creativity and provide endless fun with more coloring pages for kids. Bursting with various themes and characters, these coloring sheets offer a world of imagination where little artists can explore and express themselves.

From fantastical dragons and mermaids to educational pages featuring numbers and letters, there’s a sheet to captivate every child’s interest.

Coloring not only entertains but also helps in developing fine motor skills, color recognition, and concentration.

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Tuesday 3rd of January 2012

LOVE free =-) My daughter & I have already planned a date to see the movie =-) I am even going to let her wear her Belle dress =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Happy New Year, Beth =-)