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Short and Long {Free Dino Printables}

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The kids had a blast with the big and little lesson we did a few weeks ago, so I knew the short and long lesson I had planned for today would be a hit as well.  While everyone was napping, I laid out some toys in lines so we could identify which one was LONG and which one was SHORT.

The kids figured out that part pretty fast and then we started talking about the different parts on the animals.  For example, I asked about these two animals’ necks:

Is this neck long or short?

They loved yelling out the answers!

There’s plenty more items you can use to teach kids about long and short.  Here’s a list to get your started:

Sticks and Twigs


Crayons and Paper (drawing lines or broken crayons)


Sleeves on shirts 

Playdough (long and short snakes)

Pipe Cleaners

Straws (cut into various sizes)

Grab Some Printables!

What About You?

What’s your favorite way to teach long and short?


About the Author:

Lindsey Whitney is a mom of two, home day care provider, and blogger over at Growing Kids Ministry.  A blog designed to help parents, teachers, and Children’s Ministry workers who want to help the kids they love grow in their faith.   You can connect with her via twitter or on facebook!

Sharing is caring!