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Three Little Pigs Craft about Circles

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We’ve been on a Three Little Pigs kick for about two weeks around here.   Chipmunk just cannot seem to get enough of those little porkers! We’ve checked out about 7 different versions from the library and have been doing some fun projects to go along with the story.  Since we just did some work on shapes, I thought we’d do a circle pig today.

Learning to recognize shapes is one of the critical concepts for preschoolers to master, so it’s always good to start learning about this as early as you can. And this fun and simple Three Little Pigs Craft about Circles is an easy way to get started!

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Three Little Pigs Craft about Circles

Three Little Pigs Craft about Circles:

Since I am completely terrible at drawing anything free-hand, I made some circles in a word doc to start out with. You can grab the PDF version below.  I got my inspiration from Yummy Worm activities (via Pinterest).
You’ll need the following affiliate supplies to make this craft:

I cut out the circles from the PDF doc and used it as a template to cut out the pink pig circles.  If you have an older preschooler, you could trace the circles onto the paper and then have them cut them out themselves.  Our oldest kid is 2.5 and not quite scissor-proficient, so I did the prep work on this one.

Circle Pig Craft for Kids

I also did a sample craft for the kids, partly so they’d have some direction and partly because I just can’t seem to grow up.  I love this stuff!  🙂


Click Here for 3 Little Pigs Preschool Cutting Practice Worksheets


After you’ve got it all laid out, hand over the glue stick and step back.  I waited until the circles were glued in place and then gave each kid some crayons for the finishing touches.

Circle Pig Craft

Hard at work! Here are the finished products:

N.D., Age 2

Chipmunk’s, Age 2 1/2

Circle Pig Craft for Preschool

Why is crafting so great for kids?

Crafts allow children to explore their creativity while also allowing them to develop important skills such as problem-solving and following directions.

Crafting also allows children to express themselves safely and productively, fostering positive reinforcement from both peers and adults as they share their creations. Additionally, crafting provides a sense of accomplishment for the child as they complete a project or activity, helping to build confidence in other areas of their life.

Finally, engaging in crafts has been linked to improved hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in children – both of which can benefit future tasks.

Overall, it is clear that crafting activities can help provide an enriching experience for children of all ages.

Can I turn shape activities into puppet crafts? 

Absolutely! Shape activities can be transformed into exciting puppet crafts that children of all ages will enjoy.

Using paper plates and cardboard, your little one can create an array of wonderful puppets using these simple materials.

To begin, cut out shapes on the paper plate and cardboard to give each puppet a unique look and design. Once this has been done, adhere the shapes with strong glue or tape to ensure nothing falls apart during playtime.

Once complete, decorate your brand-new creation with markers or craft supplies to bring life to the puppet.

With just a few basic steps, you can easily turn shape activities into puppets that can be used for storytelling and imaginative play for hours on end!

What are fun ways to use puppets after making them with the kids?

Once children have completed crafting puppets, it is time to use them for fun. One enjoyable activity is creating a puppet show.

Puppets can be used as characters in whimsical stories that the children can write and act out with family members or friends.

As an alternative, puppet shows can also be used as an educational tool to illustrate lessons in social studies, language arts, and science. Instead of a puppet show, families could come together and use the puppets in proper role-play scenarios.

Through acting out real-life activities such as grocery shopping or job interviews, the puppets enable children to practice communication skills such as speaking clearly, listening well, and maintaining eye contact.

Last but not least, a simple way for children to enjoy their puppets is to attach them onto craft sticks and put on skits for stuffed animals or other toys around the house—an excellent way for kids to unleash their creativity and embrace their imaginations!

What are fun ways to use stick craft puppets?

Stick craft puppets offer a versatile, accessible, and fun way for people to engage with the art of puppetry. Children in particular, can use them to create their own stories and play through vibrant narratives.

There are many imaginative ways to use stick craft puppets, from utilizing them in everyday games such as peek-a-boo or letting the puppet ‘talk’ as an articulation device for young children.

For older folks, puppetry can be used as an educational tool for topics ranging from ecological awareness to foreign language development.

Additionally, this type of puppet is a wonderful resource for getting family members together for workshops where interactive activities such as designing characters, writing scenes, and having playback impromptu performances can occur.

Stick craft puppets can provide hours of creative entertainment and inspire moments of wonder and delight.

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