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Three Little Pigs Craft about Circles

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We’ve been on a Three Little Pigs kick for about two weeks around here.   Chipmunk just cannot seem to get enough of those little porkers! We’ve checked out about 7 different versions from the library and have been doing some fun projects to go along with the story.  Since we just did some work on shapes, I thought we’d do a circle pig today.

Learning to recognize shapes is one of the critical concepts for preschoolers to master, so it’s always good to start learning about this as early as you can. And this fun and simple Three Little Pigs Craft about Circles is an easy way to get started!

For more pig fun for kids, don’t miss this list of pig art activities or this fun Three Little Pigs preschool cutting practice activity!

Three Little Pigs Craft about Circles

Three Little Pigs Craft about Circles:

Since I am completely terrible at drawing anything free-hand, I made some circles in a word doc to start out with. You can grab the PDF version below.  I got my inspiration from Yummy Worm activities (via Pinterest).
You’ll need the following affiliate supplies to make this craft:

I cut out the circles from the PDF doc and used it as a template to cut out the pink pig circles.  If you have an older preschooler, you could trace the circles onto the paper and then have them cut them out themselves.  Our oldest kid is 2.5 and not quite scissor-proficient, so I did the prep work on this one.

Circle Pig Craft for Kids

I also did a sample craft for the kids, partly so they’d have some direction and partly because I just can’t seem to grow up.  I love this stuff!  🙂


Click Here for 3 Little Pigs Preschool Cutting Practice Worksheets


After you’ve got it all laid out, hand over the glue stick and step back.  I waited until the circles were glued in place and then gave each kid some crayons for the finishing touches.

Circle Pig Craft

Hard at work! Here are the finished products:

N.D., Age 2

Chipmunk’s, Age 2 1/2

Circle Pig Craft for Preschool

Three Little Pigs Craft about Circles Resources for Kids:

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