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#Free #Homeschooling Unit Study: August 2011

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Each month, I will send in a neat unit study that coordinates with fun and sometimes wacky Holidays for the upcoming month.  In addition to tips, ideas, and thoughts, I will also include links to some fun things to learn about in your homeschool.  Don’t homeschool?  No big deal!  Spend time with your kids during the weekends and on holidays doing these fun things and teach them something in the process!

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August is… National Golf Month!

All items in the list below are free unless otherwise stated.  *If it is underlined, you can click it!



Unique Holiday

National Golf Month

Specific Days that Coordinate:

  • August 10thLazy Day Don’t ask me why, but people say Golf is the lazy man’s sport.  So, go be lazy and take in a few rounds of golf, or take the kids to play mini golf.
  • August 11thSon and Daughter Day This is the perfect day to spend some time with the children.  On Grandparents Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day my kids complain that there is no kids day.  Guess what, turns out there is!  Go out and make them feel special on their special day!  (Then, call your parents and tell them they owe you a gift <grin>)
  • August 12thMiddle Child’s Day Give some extra recognition to your special middle child today!  Don’t have one in the middle?  Call up some “middle sibling” friends or do something with your middle sibling.  Don’t forget to make it Golf themed!
  • August 13th – Left-handed people might be more artistic and creative, but in this right handed world, they kind of have to be!  Share some of these fun, left-handed, facts with your left handed child.  All of your kids right handed?  Have them try to be left-handed for the day!  You can even go play Golf left-handed!

    Fun things to do this month:

  • Build Your Own Mini Golf Course
  • Tabletop Mini Golf Project
  • Learn about, sign up for, and learn how to play Golf
  • Learning the Game of Golf – PE Unit Study (grades 4-12)

Free Printables for this month:

Books to Read this month:

These are Amazon links and they cost but you can always check with your local library!

Neat recipes to add to the plan this month:

NOTE:  I may occasionally post some things that cost, but will try very hard to keep those items minimal and under 5 dollars each!  Sometimes, you just have to spend a bit of money to really get something you want. LOL!

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Sharing is caring!