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Road Trip Mad Libs for Children

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Are you heading on a road trip soon? You’ll want to grab some of these Road Trip Mad Libs for Children! I love these kid friendly travel resources!

Mad libs are such a fun way to keep kids busy. They’re silly, but kids can also learn a lot from them.

On a road trip, you have nothing but time, so feel free to whip these Mad Libs out when the kids are getting antsy. 

take some of these mad libs along for silly road trip activities

Mad libs are known to keep kids busy for hours. Be sure to check out these Fun Road Trip Games to Play with Teens!

Mad Libs for Children on a Road Trip 

When I was a little kid, I could sit there and do mad libs forever. When we go on road trips now, I make sure to take lots of mad lib options with us!

When kids are stuck in their car seats, road trip activities are a life saver. 

mad libs for road trips keep the kids busy

How Do I Keep Kids Busy During Car Trips?

When it comes to road trips and kids, I work hard to keep the kids busy. I have found that mad libs are actually a really great activity. Here are some other ways I keep kids busy in the ar. 

  • Playing Games – For as long as I can stand it, I do road trip games in the car with the kids!
  • License Plate Games – This is a fun game to play in the car with kids. 
  • Other Activities for Kids – Don’t forget kids love to sing, eat, and dance in the car too!

Other Tips for Kids on a Road Trip 

When you’re on a road trip with kids, you may think some things are a great idea and others are not. Here are even more ideas to help you keep your sanity on a road trip. 

  • Pipe cleaners – Kids of all ages love playing with pipe cleaners. 
  • Audio books – These days, you can get audio books for free! My kids love listening to Harry Potter.. 
  • Dry Erase board – Bring along a dry erase board and dry erase marker, so your kids can have a ton of fun drawing. 
  • Coloring books – Head to the dollar store and pick up coloring books for $1. 
8 best mad lib books for kids

Sharing is caring!

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