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FREE: 29 Cool Math Games for Preschoolers

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I have spent quite some time pulling together all these links, ideas, etc to help you teach your preschoolers numbers and shapes with tons of free cool math games for preschoolers!  If you keep the kids having fun, they never realize they are learning! I love great learning resources for kids!

There are games below that you can play online and games you can make and play in your living room! With these fun resources, preschoolers can learn basic math skills, including counting, number recognition, shape sorting, and even simple addition!

Cool Math Games for Preschoolers

Check out my Cool Math Games for Boys as well!

You can also work on these Printable Cutting Worksheets for Preschoolers for more fun learning activities and ideas!

Online Cool Math Games for Preschoolers

1.  Help Greenelle count her toys!

2.  Numbers Matching Game at Kaboose

3.  Ant Parade – Sort the ants by number and color!

4. Count the Sheep – This easy math game helps preschoolers learn to identify and count numbers from 1 to 10.

5. Cyber Pattern Maker – Teach preschoolers to make and repeat basic math and music patterns with these cool math games!

6. Addition Pizza – Preschoolers can get practice with simple addition in this fun pizza party game!

7.  Help Purpy find his favorite shapes!

Printable Cool Math Games for Preschoolers

This section has several cool math games that have been made for you!  I hope you enjoy all of the themed cool math games.  If you are wanting a specific theme, just email me to ask.  You might see it go live on 3 Boys and a Dog!

1.  Domino and Dice Math – Bunches of free math worksheets for using dominoes and dice

2.  5 Little Monkeys is a great book and these printables go right along with it!

3.  A Peek Into Our Day at Crystal and Company shows how she school her brood using manipulatives and free printables!

4. Big and Little Dinosaurs Printables can teach your child how to differentiate between sizes.

5. Preschool Child Development Activities for ages 3 and 4 – This series of preschool activities can help your little ones build basic skills, including math!

Over 27 Cool Math Games for Preschoolers

Make Your Own Cool Math Games for Preschoolers

1.  Play “War with only the numerical playing cards.  Little ones have a hard time with the A, K, Q, and J but using just the numbers helps them to not only recognize greater and smaller, but their numbers!

2.  Blue Bean Counting Game from takes a few items from around your home to play!

3.  Use Your Muffin Tins – Tape numbers in the bottom of the cups of an old muffin tin. Have the child place the corresponding amount of items, such as buttons, erasers or snacks, in the corresponding tin.

4. Crocodile Counting – Free Paint strips and some clothes pins make this a fun counting game!

5. Clean Counting – This is one we have ALWAYS done.  When my boys were little (well, even now LOL!)  we had them clean their rooms by doing it a few at a time.  Go find 2 items to throw away… put away 5 cars… get 4 pieces of dirty laundry out.  They counted AND cleaned their room.

6.  Nine Learning Games you can make at home or do with household items.

7. The Giant Pattern Blocks idea from The Educator’s Spin On It looks like MEGA fun for your little ones.

8.  Monster Truck Math at Kids Activities Blog looks like such a fun way to get your boys learning!  She also has a neat post about using Dominoes for Cool Preschool Math games!

9. Printable Pirate Counting Activity – These fun pirate-themed printables are great for helping preschoolers learn to count in sequence!

10. Count the Preschool Ducks – This activity lets kids make their own ducks to go along with the song “Five Little Ducks”.

More Fun Resources for Preschoolers:

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