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Chickens Complete Unit Study

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Each month, I will send in a neat unit study that coordinates with fun and sometimes wacky holidays for the upcoming month.  In addition to tips, ideas, and thoughts, I will also include links to some fun things to learn about in your homeschool. The kids will love this Farm Animal Unit Study.

Don’t homeschool?  No big deal!  Spend time with your kids during the weekends and on holidays doing these fun things and teach them something in the process!

This free homeschooling Chickens Complete Unit Study is full of videos, books, and activities for September’s National Chicken Month! Themed unit studies are so much fun!

Chickens Complete Unit Study for Homeschooling and Afterschooling

September is… Chicken Month!

All items in the list below are free unless otherwise stated.  *If it is underlined, you can click it!



Unique Holiday

Chicken Month

Specific Days that Coordinate:

  • September 2nd – National Beheading Day: Yes, it is awful, but you could learn about Henry VIII today.  I couldn’t resist putting this one because I always tell my kids “Quit running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off!” Smile Beheading Chickens… it just fit.
  • September 5th – Cheese Pizza Day: Have you ever had chicken on your pizza?  OH MY! It is delicious!  Smile Here’s a recipe for a homemade Chicken Ranch Pizza AND a coupon for money off a pizza at Pizza Hut.
  • September 10th – Swap Ideas Day: Let me share some of my favorite ways to cook chicken with you! Maybe you’ll find a new family favorite!
  • September 18th – National Cheeseburger Day. Spare those chickens today and fire up the grill!  Here’s a great slaw burger recipe!
National Chicken Month Unit Study

Fun Things to Do This Month:

This video is adorable!  Let your kids watch these 10 Incredible Facts about Chickens:

Free Printables for this month:

Neat recipes to add to the plan this month:

Chickens Complete Unit Study

Crafts, Lessons, and More:

My Favorite Chicken Unit Study Resources:

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Books to Read this Month:

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