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Let's Take a Swim in the Sea {Craft}

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I don’t know about you, but we’ve been spending a lot of time with water this summer.  In the kiddie pool, in friend’s and family’s pools, with squirt guns, sprinklers, and of course, water balloons! Have the kids try the other activities in our Ocean Animals Unit Study as well.

We even made it to the beach a few times!

So naturally, all this time in the water made me think of the ocean and all the fun creatures living in the deep.  My daughter has been fascinated with jellyfish lately, so I thought we’d do a sea creature themed craft this week.   If you want to add to the experience, be sure to watch Finding Nemo and pick up some sea-themed books at your library like Mister Seahorse or A House for a Hermit Crab.   Anyway, onto the craft!

What You’ll Need:

What You Do: 

  1. Lay out all your supplies
  2. Let the kids have fun!  (I usually do a “sample” project in front of the little ones so they have an idea of what to do)

Since this craft is pretty simple, I won’t bore you with directions.  Instead, I’ll bombard you with pictures!

Finished Products:

What About You? 

What fun water-inspired crafts are you doing?

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Sharing is caring!