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Over 20 Free Homeschool Programs

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Most homeschooling families live on strict budgets and ours is no exception. So it’s a huge help to find ways to save money on homeschooling curriculum.

I’ve gathered a list of over 20 free homeschool programs that are great for kids of all ages – from preschoolers to high schoolers! Browse the list below to find some excellent resources for teaching your children at home – on the cheap!

Free Homeschool Programs

Over 20 Free Homeschool Programs

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Unit Studies:

1. This great list of themed unit studies is an excellent resource for parents who are just starting out using units in their homeschool!

2. These themed unit study printables for kids are super cute for young learners!

3. This resource features loads of printable unit studies based on children’s books and other childhood themes for elementary-aged kids!

4. Browse through this ever-growing list of unit studies featuring videos, books, and activities for kids!

5. If you use lapbooks in connection with unit studies, check out all of these lapbooks and units you can use for homeschooling!

Language Arts:

6. This week-by-week third grade spelling curriculum is a wonderful help if you’re teaching a third grader this year!

7. Help your preschoolers learn to read with this free reading curriculum!

8. Use these printable find the letter worksheets to teach little ones to recognize the alphabet!

9. Access these free language arts textbooks for grades K-6 by simply entering your state!

10. If you have teens, use this free English composition program to teach them the basics of writing!


11. This comprehensive biology program is perfect for high school homeschoolers!

12. Use these free STEM lesson plans to introduce your kids to engineering concepts.

13. Access a free year of science lessons for elementary-aged kids!

14. Teach your middle schoolers about chemistry with these free chemistry lessons and videos.

15. This list of astronomy lesson plans is great for homeschooling parents who have kids of multiple ages!

Over 20 Free Homeschool Programs


16. Get a complete math education from Kindergarten though college with this amazing free math program!

17. This free geometry textbook is great for middle schoolers and teens who are studying higher math.

18. These free online math tutorials, which children can use independently, are excellent for teaching kids math concepts!

19. If you have kids who are uninterested in math, this list of online math lessons looks like a good way to capture their interest.

20. When you’re unsure which level of math your child should use, you can have them work through this list of free math lessons to brush up on their previous skills!

History and Geography:

21. Grab this free U.S. History textbook to give your high schoolers a grasp of American History!

22. If you’re just beginning to teach geography, this free Intro to World Geography program is perfect!

23. Use this complete geography curriculum, along with a reading list, to help your children learn about other parts of the world.

24. This free geography and world cultures curriculum is wonderful for teaching kids about other cultures!

25. Teach an overview of world history with this free World History lesson plan resource.

More Homeschool Programs:

For even more programs you can use for homeschool, check out these great resources!

Horizons Homeschool Complete Kindergarten Curriculum

Home School Art Studio Program

Physical Education for Homeschool, Classroom, and Recreation Settings

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Tuesday 23rd of February 2016

Kelli, good job! I bet you did wonderful research to provide us with this list. Thank you for sharing! If you're interested in some more resources, I have one math resources that is free and well-categorized, so everyone can find something useful there. Here is a link: I believe that living in the digital era, students should make the most out of it, and using online resources should be high on their list. Thanks again!


Friday 29th of January 2016

This is a great list of homeschool resources. These will be very useful. Thanks!.