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Tips and Resources to Learn Sign Language at Home!

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Sign language is one of the most commonly-used languages in the world. If you’ve been wanting to help your kids learn sign language at home, this page is full of resources to get you started!

From apps to books, there are print and digital sign language resources here you can use to build your own ASL lesson plans. Plus, these resources are useful for both kids and adults, so you can learn right along with your children!

Resources to Learn Sign Language at Home - 3 Boys and a Dog

Sign Language Apps

There are plenty of sign language apps available for all kinds of devices. Try these on your tablet or smartphone!

  1. Fingerspell ASL – A great app for learning to sign the alphabet!
  2. Sign ASL – Learn to sign on the go with this app.
  3. Baby Signing Lite – A simple app for teaching babies and young toddlers to use sign language.
  4. Sign It – Test your signing skills with the quiz in this ASL app!
  5. ASL Dictionary HD – A clear and thorough ASL dictionary – right on your smartphone!

Sign Language Printables

Grab these sign language printables to make it simple to learn sign language at home – for you and your kids!

  1. Printable ASL Fingerspelling Pages – Alphabet pages featuring ASL letters, English letters, and handwriting practice
  2. ASL Number Flashcards – Use these flashcards to teach kids how to sign the numbers 0-9!
  3. Mouse’s Sign Language Reader – A printable easy reader featuring signs and a story.
  4. Sign Language Cheat Sheet – Simple diagrams showing how to sign basic ASL phrases
  5. British Sign Language Practice – A word search printable for learning how to use British Sign Language (BSL).

Learn Sign Language at Home - 3 Boys and a Dog

Sign Language Books

If you prefer using books, these sign language books are great for teaching you how to use ASL!

  1. The Everything Sign Language Book: Sign Language Made Easy – Simple, easy to follow pictures and lessons.
  2. Signing Made Easy: A Complete Program for Learning Sign Language – A thorough, comprehensive guide to learning ASL.
  3. American Sign Language Dictionary – Want to know how to sign a specific word? Look it up here!
  4. Sign Language: My First 100 Words – An adorable book for teaching toddlers and preschoolers to sign.
  5. Sign Language for Kids: A Fun & Easy Guide to ASL – Featuring pictures of kids signing, this book is great for older children who want to learn ASL.

Sign Language Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are a great way to get kids interested in learning sign language. Try these sign language coloring pages to make ASL fun!

  1. Sign Language Alphabet Coloring Page – This coloring page features all of the ASL alphabet letters.
  2. Signing Time Coloring Pages – Several kinds of ASL printables, including color words and letters.
  3. ASL Fingerspelling Weather Pack – Teach kids how to spell weather words in ASL with this fun coloring pack!
  4. Sign Language Coloring Pages – Coloring pages for the ASL alphabet and the English alphabet.
  5. ASL Alphabet Coloring Pages – Separate coloring posters featuring a letter of the ASL alphabet and a picture.

Learning to use sign language can be a fun way to teach children to communicate with the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Use these great ASL resources to help you and your kids learn sign language at home in no time!

Sharing is caring!

Gloria Durst

Monday 14th of August 2017

I never knew that there were apps on your phone that could help you learn ASL. It would probably be really helpful to find one like this if you don't have time to take an actual class. Whatever the way you learn best, you would probably want to find something that makes you practice daily, as repetition would be the key to learning ASL well.