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Letter of the Week Printables

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Letter of the Week is a super popular preschool program that teaches children the alphabet by having them focus on one letter per week. Usually, parents and educators include printables, crafts, songs, and games that highlight the letters, their sounds, and words that begin with those letters.

You can make up your own letter of the week program by adding these letter of the week printables to your collection! They’re all easy to use with preschoolers and each one focuses on a different letter you can teach to your kids!

Want to add more letter of the week fun? Try these Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers!

Letter of the Week Printables

Letter of the Week Printables:

1. Make this super cute A is for Alligator Printable Craft with your kids!

2. This B is for Butterflies printable helps kids spot the letter B!

3. Pick up this pack of Letter C Worksheets, including C is for Car printables!

4. Craft a sweet doggie home with this D is for Doghouse Printable Activity!

5. Break out the stickers to use with this E is for Elephant Dot Sticker Printable!

6. Print a copy of this Find the Letter: F is for Frogs worksheet to focus on letter F!

7. Kids love animals! Make this cute G is for Giraffe Printable Craft to study letter G!

8. Songs are a wonderful way to help kids learn letters! This Letter H Printable Songbook is super handy!

9. Get to know several things that begin with I in this Letter I Printable Pack!

10. Use this J is for Jellyfish Maze to help kids spot the letter J and work on handwriting!

11. This fun K is for Kite Dot Sticker Page is a neat activity for tots!

12. Make a pride of lions with this L is for Lion Printable Craft!

13. Study the letter M and our neighbors to the south with this printable Find the Letter: M is for Mexico!

14. Let the kids try this Letter N Printable Picture Matching Game to match letters, sounds, and more!

Letter of the Week Printables and Crafts

15. These Letter O Preschool Worksheets are fun for studying vowel sounds!

16. Print this P is for Pig Printable Alphabet Page to add to your preschooler’s alphabet book!

17. This Letter Q Worksheets Pack is a helpful way to teach kids about letter Q while learning to do independent work!

18. These fun R is for Rainbow Handwriting Letter Mazes are such a great idea for letters and penmanship!

19. This sweet Find the Letter: S is for Strawberries is a perfect letter activity for summer!

20. What preschooler doesn’t love big trucks? Try this T is for Truck Do a Dot Page!

21. This U is for Unicorn Printable Craft is too, too adorable. Your kids will love it!

22. This massive Romping and Roaring V Pack is an awesome preschool resource!

23. Learn to say words that begin with “W” with this Little Letter W Printable Rhyme Book!

24. Focus on letter X with these X is for X-Ray Printables!

25. Try this Letter Y Printable Set for letter Y week!

26. Pair this printable Find the Letter: Z is for Zoo with a trip to the zoo during your letter Z lesson!

Letter of the Week Printables for Kids

Letter of the Week Printables and Resources:

Pick up these Amazon affiliate alphabet resources for more letter fun!

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