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A Pet for Fly Guy Coloring Sheets

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Do you have any of the Fly Guy children’s books? They’re so much fun for kids to read and learn about bugs, animals, friendship, and much more! One of our favorite books is A Pet for Fly Guy, which is a funny look at Fly Guy’s selection process as he thinks about getting a pet.

If your kids are asking for a new pet, reading this book, or just love reading all the Fly Guy stories, they’ll enjoy these A Pet for Fly Guy coloring sheets! There are coloring pages here about bugs, pets, and everything in between! You’ll love these resources for educating our children!

A Pet for Fly Guy Coloring Pages

Build a complete Fly Guy unit with this list of over 20 Fly Guy activities for kids!

A Pet for Fly Guy Coloring Sheets:

1. These Spring Bugs Coloring Pages feature all kinds of creepy critters for kids to color!

2. Pick up this Bugs Printable Pack featuring coloring pages of caterpillars, flies, and more!

3. A dog makes a perfect pet! Grab these printable Dog Coloring Pages!

4. This Color the Bug Printable Emergent Reader is a fun way for kids to learn about bugs and practice reading skills!

5. Learn about the lives of ladybugs with these printable Ladybug Life Cycle Color Pages!

6. Help Fly Guy choose his pet with this printable Pet Color Graphing Sheet!

7. What about choosing a reptile as a pet? These Reptile Coloring Pages are fun for children!

8. I love corgis. They really do make perfect pets. Color these Corgi Coloring Pages with the kids!

A Pet for Fly Guy Coloring Sheets

9. Get reading and art practice in one with these printable Insect Emergent Reader Coloring Sheets!

10. Want to color with the kids? Try these Mindful Cat Coloring Pages!

11. Help kids learn to spot local birds and color them with this printable Bird Coloring Journal!

12. Older kids will love the challenge of completing these Lifelike Cat Coloring Pages!

13. These totally cute Little Bugs Coloring Pages are a perfect activity for preschoolers!

14. Try these Honey Bee Coloring Sheets to learn about these buzzing bugs!

15. If you ever consider getting a cat as a pet, expect to see it sleep A LOT. This sweet Sleeping Cats Coloring Page is fun for kids!

Pet for Fly Guy Coloring Sheets

A Pet for Fly Guy Coloring Sheets Resources:

These affiliate resources from Amazon go great with A Pet for Fly Guy coloring sheets!

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