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Three Little Kittens Activities for Preschool

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Remember reading classic nursery rhymes as a child? One of my favorites was “The Three Little Kittens”. I always felt so bad for the kittens for losing their mittens. It was also a reminder to keep up with MY mittens during winter…lol.

“The Three Little Kittens” is still a great story to read with preschoolers, even today! And these Three Little Kittens activities for preschool are a fun way to extend this story into a thematic unit! Try some of these crafts and hands-on projects with your little ones!

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Three Little Kittens Activities for Preschool

Three Little Kittens Activities for Preschool:

1. Get the fun started with this easy Three Little Kittens Mittens Craft you can put together in a few minutes!

2. Work on phonics and rhyming skills with this The Three Little Kittens Rhyming Activity!

3. Serve these sweet Cinnamon Sugar French Toast Mittens for a fun storybook breakfast!

4. Add an art project to your unit with this fun Silly Symmetrical Mitten Art!

5. These phonics Mitten Blend Puzzles are such a cute early reading activity!

6. Put together this simple Fine Motor Mitten Lacing activity for toddlers!

7. Grab this Letter K Printable Mini-Book full of rhymes and songs featuring the “K” sound. It includes “The Three Little Kittens”!

8. Read the story together and then try this sweet Cutting with Mittens Pretend Play idea!

9. If you want to make the story into a week-long lesson, this Three Little Kittens Unit is full of ways to learn with this nursery rhyme!

Three Little Kittens Activities for Kids

10. Help kids work on counting skills with these Counting Printable Mittens!

11. This Felt Mitten Garland is such a sweet art project. Plus, it’s a nice way to add decor to your windows!

12. Work on retelling skills with the kids by making some DIY Three Little Kittens Story Sequence Cards!

13. Practice reciting and memorizing the story with this Printable Three Little Kittens Poem!

14. Toddlers can get some color recognition practice with this Mitten Color Matching Activity!

15. Send the kids on an alphabet hunt with these Letter Scramble Mittens!

16. Use this Printable Mitten Visual Discrimination activity to teach children to pay attention to detail!

17. Make this lovely Paper Mitten Art and hang it on the wall!

18. This sweet Sleeping Kitten Craft is a fun cat activity the kids will love!

19. This simple Color Sorting Mitten Activity uses tongs and pom-poms to reinforce color skills and fine motor skills in one!

Three Little Kittens Activities for Preschoolers

Three Little Kittens Activities and Resources:

Pick up these fun Amazon affiliate resources to help your preschoolers learn the story of the Three Little Kittens!

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