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Patience Worksheets for Kids

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It’s no secret that young children have trouble learning to wait. Combine short attention spans with a focus on self and it’s easy to see why showing patience is so difficult for kids. And their lack of patience can really try our patience as parents too!

But there are plenty of ways to help kids learn to be patient and these patience worksheets for kids can make it fun! Working on printable activities that require concentration such as connect the dots printables, word searches, detailed coloring pages, and even handwriting practice worksheets can help children learn to focus and complete their assignments – important qualities they’ll need to develop patience!

Need more help to teach kids to be patient? Add some of these games that teach patience to your lesson plans!

Patience Worksheets for Kids

Need more resources for educating our children? I’ve got you covered!

Patience Worksheets for Kids:

1. Let kids practice spotting letters of the alphabet with this printable Find the Letter: B is for Bubbles activity!

2. This Jungle Animals Word Search is so cute for young learners to try!

3. Build penmanship skills and patience with these printable Snowflake Handwriting Practice Worksheets!

4. Give the kids these Flower Swirl Coloring Pages and let them work on them over a few days!

5. Learn the capital cities of the United States with this U.S. Capital Cities Crossword Puzzle!

6. Even kids who aren’t reading yet can complete these adorable Picture Crossword Puzzles!

7. Add these printable Diamond and Square Advanced Coloring Pages to your patience building lesson plan!

8. Read some of your favorite Dr. Seuss books and then share this fun Printable Dr. Seuss Word Search!

9. Challenge the kids to complete these Squirrel Coloring Pages and make them as colorful as possible!

10. Use this cute Community Helpers I Spy Printable to help kids learn to concentrate!

11. Grab this Printable Football Brainteaser and use it with toothpicks to build logic and reasoning skills!

Patience Worksheets for Kids to Try

12. Here’s another printable letter finding activity kids will enjoy: Find the Letter: Z is for Zoo!

13. Print out this Summer Word Search and bring it with you on a car ride!

14. These cute Alligator Handwriting Practice Worksheets are great for practicing the letter A!

15. Take the kids outside to work on this detailed Printable Garden Coloring Page!

16. Get in some spelling practice with these printable Spelling Word Crossword Puzzles!

17. See who can spot all the items in this Ocean I Spy Printable first!

18. Practicing cursive handwriting is definitely a patience-builder. Pick up these Cursive Handwriting Sheets!

19. Challenge the kids to find all the words in these Back to School Word Search Puzzles!

20. These Printable Brainteaser Puzzles are excellent (and fun!) ways to help kids practice thinking out a problem!

21. Little ones will love finding the pictures in these Pizza I Spy Printables!

22. This gorgeous Peacock Coloring Page would make a wonderful patience activity. Plus, you can hang it on the wall when the kids are done!

Patience Worksheets for Kids to Use

Patience Worksheets for Kids and Resources:

These affiliate resources from Amazon feature plenty of printable patience worksheets for kids to try!

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