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Fun Laundry Lessons for Preschool

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When our children are little, it is pretty easy to get them to help with the laundry.  The problem comes in when they are older. LOL!  Anyway, back to the point. 😉

Little ones love to help, they love to be like mom, and they love to feel useful.  Consequently, they are most likely to enjoy doing the things that they see you doing – aka: laundry!

Take the laundry folding up a notch and include some traditional learning, too!  These free laundry lessons for preschool are educational and your preschooler will be begging to do them over and over again!

Fun Laundry Lessons for Preschool

From fine motor to math, the following laundry themed activities have been specially curated for your educational pleasure!

Free Laundry Lessons for Preschool:

Clothesline Activity for Kids – This Laundry Day Pretend Play activity from Happy Hooligans will get the kids outside. Warning: this water play can get messy, so be prepared for that.

Hanging Out The Wash – This educational math activity from No Time for Flashcards not only reinforces important math concepts, but it an awesome fine motor activity for your little learner.

Teach Your Kids How to do Laundry – Your children can become wash warriors with these tips from Teach Mama.

Laundry Line Preschool Busy Bag – You will need to scroll a little on this post to find the laundry busy bag from Little House Living. It is great for fine motor skills and building strength in little fingers.

Homemade Laundry Detergent – This awesome DIY Laundry Detergent Recipe from Crystal and Comp contains borax, so be sure to use caution when getting your preschooler to help you make it.

Laundry Letter Matching – This fun activity from Joy Filled Life is a great way to work on letter recognition and matching.

DIY Laundry Folding Board – Let’s don’t forget to do actual laundry!  This awesome folding board from Gym Craft Laundry is perfect for helping little hands fold their clothes… correctly!

More Preschool Laundry Fun:

The following link contain affiliate links.  That simply means that if you purchase through my links, I make a little at no extra cost to you.

Melissa & Doug Laundry Basket Play Set With Wooden Iron, Ironing Board, and Accessories (14 Pcs)

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Laundry Day – just dip clothes in the warm water and watch stains disappear

Laundry washing machine mini pretend play toy set for your little helper – a complete washing set that contains a washer, spray, four different detergents a bucket and a close basket

Preschooler Books About Doing Laundry:

Elmo’s Wash & Dry (Magic Bath Book)

Wanda’s Washing Machine

Dirty Laundry Pile: Poems in Different Voices

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