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Field Trip Ideas for Homeschooling Parents!

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Just because you are homeschooling your children does not mean that you cannot go on field trips. These Field Trip Ideas for Homeschooling Parents can offer a greater experience than traditional field trips for public school children. In fact, it can be much easier to go on field trips and get more out of them than if you were in a larger group.

Today, we share some great ideas for getting the most out of home school field trips and how they can become an important part of homeschooling.

Field Trip Ideas for Homeschooling Parents

Homeschooling provides a lot of opportunity to learn outside the walls of a school or your classroom setting at home. Field trips are a great way for kids to learn and explore outside of a day-to-day setting and as a homeschooler, there are endless places to visit.

Ultimately field trips are fun and kids really love them! Learning comes easy when kids are put in a place where they can take in everything around them. Field trips are a huge benefit to homeschooling because they create such an advance in studies!

Planning a field trip is fun and exciting for both us moms and the kiddos. Deciding where to go and what to do can be a challenge when you have kids in different age ranges and academic placement. Changing the same old day to day routine not only creates some fun learning for the kids but also allows them to socially interact and have a different teacher!

Where to Go?

There are tons of great places to go right in your own backyard! For some of your field trip venues you have to be creative! A great way to start out with your field trip planning is to check out local places that tourists might visit. Of course museums and and science centers are great places for field trips but sometimes its good to change things up!

Check out this list of 12…

Field Trip Ideas for Homeschooling Parents!

1. National parks– A great hiking adventure may be in store that includes bird watching and other nature explorations!

2. The Zoo– A great venue for learning about animals in their own habitats and maybe even a hands on experience. Try this fun zoo-themed worksheet afterwards!

3. Historical Locations or Museums– An awesome history lesson always occurs when kids can see special artifacts from a historical time period.

4. Bird Sanctuary– This is super fun for kids to learn all about birds and their habitats!

5. Museums or Science Centers– These local places often times have tons of hands on things for kids to do learning all about anything from science, to dinosaurs, to even weather!

6. A Farm– See what it takes to run a farm , the importance of crops and where food comes from, along with the daily responsibilities of farming.

7. A Fruit Orchard– Have fun learning all about how fruits grow, what it takes, to grow them, and even take some home for making easy recipes or the science behind food breakdown!

8. A Food Factory– The kiddos will love learning how things are made and often times this comes along with a special treat.

9. A Fire Station– Take the kids in for fire safety skill building and they will really enjoy seeing all of the equipment firefighters wear, the big fire truck, and fire safety for home.

10. A Symphony– Dress up and explore the many sounds of music and wonderful instruments.

11. A Theater– Catch a flick on animals, dinosaurs, volcanoes, or even under the sea!

12. The Lake, Beach, or Ocean– Fun in the sun and some great hands on building that includes a nature outlook, and even an exploration of the tides and flow of water. Round out your learning experience with these great kids’ books about the ocean!

Who Can Go?

Since it is likely you and your children attending the field trip, planning one is much easier than if you were traveling with a large group! Homeschool field trips allow for many more during your school year and you can invite other friends and family to come along.

Organize a field trip with other homeschool parents. This gives the kids a great opportunity to build social relationships, interact with other kids, and often times get a discounted group rate on admissions to some attractions.

What to Learn?

Whether you are planning a conventional field trip to a museum or an unconventional trip to an unusual destination for field trips, it is important to plan ahead of time.

Since the children will likely be much more excited and receptive to topics surrounding trips, it is a good idea to bring in additional lesson plans that can coordinate or are related to the topics covered on the field trip. The week following can be easily coordinated around your field trip with fun reading material and a connection to your lesson plan.

Simple Field Trip Ideas for Homeschooling Parents

What are your ideas on homeschool field trips? How many do you plan for your school year? Share your ideas!

Homeschool Field Trips Resources and Helps:

Use these awesome resources to plan your upcoming homeschool field trips and keep the kids learning as you ride!

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Tuesday 13th of October 2015

Awesome ideas you have shared about field trips for homeschooling children. It's really good to go out and get refreshed on holidays. You have shared the great places to visit during hoemschooling.


Friday 22nd of March 2013

Kelli, thanks for sharing on HammockTracks. I try to do as many field trips as possible. I think that this kind of hands on learning gives children a hook to hang book knowledge on. It creates a memorable occasion that they can relate to when they are studying. I hope you'll return next week and share some more.