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John 3:16 Printables

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John 3:16 is easily the most well-known scripture in the entire Bible. Many people use it to remember the depth of God’s love and how he was willing to give his Son in their behalf.

When you’re ready to teach your children about this Bible verse, these John 3:16 printables can help! There are memory verse cards here to help kids memorize the verse themselves, printable gifts you and the kids can share with others, and even scripture crafts to make!

For more ways to teach children about the Bible, try these Bible verse printables and activities for kids!

John 3:16 Printables

John 3:16 Printables:

1. This Printable John 3:16 Copywork is a fun way to memorize this Bible verse and practice handwriting!

2. Grab this John 3:16 Lacing Heart Printable to add some fine motor skills practice and crafting to your memory work!

3. These Memory Verse Printables feature several printable activities that kids can use to memorize the words of John 3:16!

4. These Printable Heart Verse Cards include several Bible verses about love, including John 3:16! You can tuck them into lunchboxes or let kids carry them through the day!

5. This Printable John 3:16 Verse would be a nice print to hang on a child’s room wall!

6. Kids can focus on learning the sounds of letter B with these Letter B Bible Verse Printables, including John 3:16!

7. This list of Top 10 Bible Verse Printables includes printed pages of several famous Bible verses like John 3:16!

8. Hang this John 3:16 Family Printable in your living room as a reminder to reflect on God’s love!

9. These John 3:16 Printable Keychain Gifts make sweet gifts to share with loved ones!

10. Use these Printable Mini Blessing Bag Verses as gift stuffers or to share with people who need help in your area!

John 3:16 Printable Verses

11. John 3:16 is one of the scriptures included in this Back to School Survival Verses Printable Kit for kids!

12. Take these Dry-Erase Scripture Quiet Bag Printables with you to services so kids can practice memorizing this verse quietly!

13. John 3:16 is included in this pack of God’s Love Verse Printables you can download!

14. Use this John 3:16 Memory Work Printable if your kids are working on memorizing this verse soon!

15. This Preschool John 3:16 Printable is perfect for little ones who are just learning about this scripture!

16. These Printable John 3:16 Copywork pages are handy for practicing penmanship and spelling!

17. Try using Printable John 3:16 Memory Cards throughout the day to see how well your kids are remembering the words of this verse!

18. Let the kids practice finding the words of this scripture with a Printable John 3:16 Word Search!

19. Hand out some crayons to use with this printable John 3:16 Coloring Page for kids!

20. Download this John 3:16 World Printable Art and make the mailbox craft to send “letters” with this verse to others!

John 3:16 Printables for Kids

John 3:16 Printables and Resources:

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