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Educational Toddler Activities for Homeschoolers

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July has quickly come to an end, school supplies already line the store shelves, and kids are growing out of their clothes. While older kids are getting all the supplies together and picking out their outfits. The toddler is also ready to learn.

Each day a toddler’s curiosity grows. They search for the new and different. They want to have the same options as their older siblings. I have found some activities that will not only entertain your toddler, but will also teach them as they play. There are educational toddler activities for at home and on the go.

For more ideas for little ones, check out this list of fun indoor activities for toddlers!

Educational Toddler Activities for Homeschoolers

Here are some other great educational resources for kids!

Busy Books

Quiet time books also known as busy books are a favorite on the go activity. They are easy to make and a variety of ways to make them. Toddlers often use these to learn how to button, use a zipper and tie a shoelace.

Busy books are also wonderful for developing pre-reading skills. As little ones learn to hold and turn the pages of these books, they develop habits that can lead to early reading. You can even make your own busy book!

Sensory Play

Sensory play help toddlers learn how things feel. Easy sensory play includes a container of household flour, leftover spaghetti or even a slimy bag to squish. On a hot day a water station is a favorite for toddlers.

Or you can try a DIY slime recipe to let kids mix ingredients, feel their texture, and manipulate them with their fingers. Try this cool cocoa slime for an easy activity!

Online Games

Online games have become another option that allowed everyone in my home to have “computer time”. With close supervision and limited time I have no issue with online options. There are games that help toddlers to learn letters, colors, and shapes while allowing mom to help the other children with their assignments.

Be sure to keep the screen time minimal when kids are very young. And, if your kids get overstimulated, stop for a while.

I have found some activities that will not only entertain the toddler but will also teach them as they play. There are educational toddler activities for at home and on the go.


Learning the alphabet as a toddler will help a child learn to read earlier.  Toddlers will enjoy searching for the letter to match the letter on the paper.

You can use matching printables for kids or you can make a matching activity with some regular household items. Try this simple match an alphabet letter hunt you can put together in no time!

Block building

Building with blocks are a great way to improve hand and eye coordination. Children see this as playing yet they are improving a necessary skill needed for reading. They’re working on fine motor skills and early engineering concepts.

Plus, you can use colorful blocks to help kids start to recognize colors! Pick up some toddler-sized blocks or make your own rainbow wooden blocks or these neat jumbo building blocks!

Educational Toddler Activities

Educational Toddler Activities and Resources for Homeschoolers:

Try these awesome affiliate resources from Amazon to give your toddler some educational fun!

Toddlers can often disrupt learning or homework time for other children. By having simple activities for them not only with they be entertained but the older children will be able to concentrate on their learning. Enjoy these tips. Happy learning!

Educational Toddler Activities for Homeschoolers to Try

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Glenda Cates

Tuesday 8th of August 2017

With a new baby in the family I will be sharing this with my daughter so she can make notes of things to do once the little one is older. Thank you for writing the post and sharing it with us. Have a Blessed day.


Monday 7th of August 2017

I'm so afraid to let my toddler play on the computer. A few times I have left my computer open while going to the restroom and I come back and my entire screen was flipped. Lol! I'm sure he would do fine if I were right there to monitor but it is totally still a fear. Thanks for sharing all of the awesome learning activity ideas with us at Merry Monday this week!