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Cutting Practice Printables for Preschoolers

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I remember the first time I handed my child a pair of scissors. They were kid-safe, of course, but I still flinched with every sideways cut made. I was terrified that we’d end up spending the afternoon in the emergency room. But that’s just how it is when you’re a mom.

Flinchy moms or not, learning to cut with scissors is an important skill for preschoolers to master. Practicing cutting helps to strengthen fine motor skills and to improve concentration. And that’s why these cutting practice printables for preschoolers are so helpful! There are printables here featuring all kinds of themes so that the kids will have fun learning to cut!

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Preschool Cutting Practice Printables

Cutting Practice Printables for Preschoolers:

1. These Doc McStuffins Preschool Cutting Practice Printables are so much fun for little doctors-in-training!

2. Pick up these printable Busy Bee Scissor Skills Worksheets with a cute bee theme for spring learning!

3. These Free Cutting Practice Strips are simple enough to use any time!

4. This printable Winter Cutting Practice Pack is packed with wintery scenes and pictures for kids to cut!

5. Yaaarrr! Kids love pirates! And these Pirate Cutting Practice Printables are no exception!

6. Have a little builder in the family? These Construction Truck Scissor Cutting Sheets would be perfect!

7. Use these Farm Cutting Practice Printables in the spring or fall for a seasonal activity!

8. Speaking of seasonal activities, these Apple Cutting Practice Pages are fun for a fall unit!

9. These Baby Penguin Cutting Practice sheets are just adorable!

10. This cute Scissor Practice Packet is a neat take-along activity for little ones!

11. Go “out of this world” with these Outer Space Cutting Printables!

12. Read the classic Three Little Pigs story and try these Three Little Pigs Preschool Cutting Practice Worksheets!

13. Get the frog across the page with these printable Frog Scissor Practice Worksheets!

14. These autumn-themed Pumpkin Cutting Practice Printables are fun for kids!

Cutting Practice Printables

15. These Dinosaurs Preschool Cutting Practice Worksheets are cut activities for preschoolers to do on their own!

16. Vroom! Kids will love getting the racecars to the checkered flags on these Racecar Scissor Skills Printables!

17. These lovely Spring Cutting Practice Pages are neat for a spring unit!

18. Cutting and pasting pictures in order is a great skill for early grades to practice. These Space-Themed Cut and Paste Puzzles are helpful for this!

19. Go a little buggy with these Ladybug Scissor Practice Worksheets!

20. If you’re doing an ocean unit, these Ocean Animals Preschool Cutting Practice are fun for your younger kids!

21. Help preschoolers learn to sort big and small with these Flower Size Cut and Paste Printables!

22. Reinforce shape recognition with these Shape Cutting Practice Printables!

23. Practice sorting with these Snip and Sort Winter Penguins Pages!

24. If you’re using the Montessori method, these Montessori Lamb Cutting Strips are helpful for teaching kids independent scissor skills!

25. Learn about Islamic temples with these intricate Cut and Paste Mosque Printables!

26. These Printable Summer Cutting Pages are a fun way to keep preschoolers learning over the summer!

27. Want even more cutting practice? Try this list of Montessori Cutting Sheets!

28. The kids will love these Doughnuts Cutting Practice Sheets.

29. Don’t miss out on these Saint Patrick’s Day Printables: Preschool Cutting Practice.

30. Print off these Printable Easter Worksheets: Preschool Cutting Practice.

31. The kids will have a lot of fun with these Fruits and Veggies Cutting Practice.

32. Use this for Flag Day Cutting Practice.

33. Don’t miss these Star Wars Day Cutting Practice Sheets!

34. Such a cute World Otter Day Cutting Practice printable.

35. This Memorial Day Cutting Practice is perfect for holiday fun.

36. Print off this Cinco de Mayo Cutting Practice!

Cutting Practice Printables for Preschool

Preschool Cutting Practice Resources:

Pick up these affiliate resources from Amazon to help your preschoolers try cutting practice at home!

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