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Menu Plan Monday

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I am really not sure why I am making this plan this week. We are going out of town bright and early on Friday morning, so I refused to get groceries this week. LOL! Consequently, it is going to be one of those “fly by the seat of our pants” weeks. I know tonights meal but other than that, it will be whatever I grab from the deep freeze.
Monday – Chili since we didn’t have it last week
Tuesday – My 10 year Anniversary and my husband has a baseball game… I am thinking stir-fry since he LOVES it, but we shall see
Wednesday – finishing up any left overs (my husband’s 34th birthday)
Thursday – we will be kidless so I am hoping we go out to eat
Friday – in Chicago… maybe we can find some nice places during this weekend.

Sharing is caring!


Monday 9th of March 2009

Congratulations on your Anniversary and DH's birthday.