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Easter Themed Menu and Shopping List

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Are you hosting an Easter dinner? Use this Easter Themed Menu and Shopping List for meal prep and plan! This helpful printable is perfect for busy moms who are looking for a bit of help.

Don’t make Easter stressful this year. This printable shopping list for Easter dinner can help you stay organized without stress. It’s my go-to for Easter organization!

Everyone knows that planning and hosting for the holidays can be stressful and anxious. If your house is the meeting spot this year, it’s time to plan and get prepared.

This free menu planner will help you stress less and think more about all the fun family memories you’ll be making!

What are staple items to have on my weekly shopping list?

Crafting a go-to shopping list keeps your pantry well-stocked and your meal planning seamless. Key staples include versatile grains like rice or quinoa, pasta, and canned goods such as beans, tomatoes, and tuna for quick and nutritious meals.

Fresh produce should include a rainbow of fruits and vegetables for a balanced diet, while dairy or plant-based alternatives are essential for breakfast and baking.

Protein sources can range from poultry and meat to tofu and tempeh, depending on dietary preferences.

Don’t forget eggs! They’re an excellent protein source and great for many recipes!

Round it out with healthy fats like nuts, seeds, and olive oil, and you’ll be prepared to whip up tasty dishes all week.

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What are simple recipes for Easter dinner?

Did you know you don’t have to stress and create super-hard recipes? I know—it’s crazy! But I’m here to tell you that you can make fun and delicious recipes without all that added stress.

Here are a few easy recipes that I love. They’ll make meal prepping and planning for your Easter celebration a breeze.

These are just a few fun and delicious options – but they prove you can whip up a great meal without spending hours in the kitchen.

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What are the best tips for meal planning?

Define your dietary goals and preferences to ensure efficient and enjoyable meal planning. Build a go-to recipe repertoire that balances variety with simplicity, favoring dishes with overlapping ingredients to minimize waste.

Utilize digital tools or apps for organizing shopping lists and recipes. Allocate specific days for meal prepping—batch cooking grains, chopping veggies, or pre-portioning proteins—and store them appropriately for easy assembly during the week.

Always maintain flexibility to accommodate spontaneous dinners or changes in schedule, keeping a few emergency backup meals on hand.

Remember, the balance between structure and spontaneity is the key to effective meal planning.

How early should I start prepping for an Easter holiday dinner?

To host a memorable Easter holiday dinner, it’s wise to start your preparations early. Ideally, invite your guest list about three to four weeks in advance. This gives you ample time to send out invitations, receive RSVPs, and cater to dietary restrictions.

Within 1-2 weeks prior, focus on the grocery list and table settings, and consider ordering any specialty items that may require extra lead time.

The week before Easter, purchase non-perishable and long-lasting ingredients. A few days prior, buy fresh produce, and the day before, you can start prepping specific dishes, table arrangements, and decorations.

Starting early reduces last-minute stress, ensuring a festive and relaxed atmosphere for you and your guests on Easter Day.

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How can I save money at the grocery store?

Saving money at the grocery store can be accomplished with strategy and planning. Start by creating a meal plan for the week, and then make a shopping list based on your plan to avoid impulse buys.

Look out for store flyers or coupons that offer discounts on the items you need. Consider purchasing store-brand products, as they are often less expensive than name brands but similar in quality.

Buying in bulk can also reduce costs, especially for non-perishable items or products you use frequently. Additionally, pay attention to unit prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal, and try shopping at discount or local farmers’ markets for fresh produce at lower prices.

Remember, never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. This can lead to unnecessary extras in your cart that add to your checkout total.

More Meal Planning Printables

Now that you know how simple it can be to prepare meals and holidays, check out my other options!

I’m a big fan of themed printables and hard copies because I’m a pen-and-paper gal. I love to print them out, write on them, and have them with me to reference while shopping and planning.

Here are a few of my favorites!

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Mother of 3

Thursday 5th of April 2018

Yummy menu ideas and I love the free printables. Pinned.

Kelli Miller

Thursday 28th of March 2024

Thank you so much, Mother of 3! We're thrilled that you found the Easter menu ideas delicious and the free printables helpful. It's heartwarming to see our resources being pinned and shared, helping families like yours enjoy the holiday season with less stress. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to create content that makes festive planning smoother and more enjoyable. Keep an eye out for more yummy menus and handy printables in the future. Wishing you and your family a joyful and flavorful Easter celebration!

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Saturday 24th of March 2018

Your meal plans are awesome and will save so much time and money! Hope you are having a great weekend and thanks so much for sharing your great post with us at Full Plate Thursday! Miz Helen

Kelli Miller

Thursday 28th of March 2024

Thank you, Miz Helen! It's wonderful to hear that you find the meal plans both time-saving and cost-effective. Your kind words truly brighten our weekend! We aim to provide valuable resources, like our Easter-themed menu and shopping list, to make holiday preparations easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Sharing these ideas at Full Plate Thursday has been a pleasure, and we're thrilled to contribute to the community. Stay tuned for more practical and tasty meal planning ideas, and have a fantastic weekend!