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Week 35 Menu Plan Recipes & Shopping List + Housekeeping Tips

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Now that my kids are back in school and my regular schedule has been reestablished, it is time to get some deep cleaning done on my home.  Closets get purged, bathrooms get scrubbed from top to bottom, cabinets gets dumped, wiped, rearranged and decluttered. You name it, I start doing it and will spend the next couple months working my way through the entire house.

That time is now! Consequently, I have to make simple meals as a big portion of my day will be spent cleaning and decluttering.  Keep reading for my Week 35 Menu Plan Recipes & Shopping List + Housekeeping Tips!

Week Thirty Five_ Menu Plan Printables

Week 35 Menu Plan Recipes & Shopping List:

Scroll to the bottom to print out these plans and the shopping list or, if you don’t want to wait for each week’s menu plan monday, you can get 4 weeks of menu plans and shopping lists here.

Week 35 Menu Plan Recipes & Shopping List uses a lot of the same ingredients as previous weeks, so many items may be on-hand in your pantry and fridge. Check recipes and your list, carefully, before going to the store.


Monday –  Sausage, Spinach & Pepper Omelette in a Jar at My Life Cookbook

Tuesday –  Family favorite cereal, with a frozen banana

Wednesday – An Ideal Breakfast: Oatmeal With Peanut Butter at Women Living Well

Thursday – Toaster Waffles, spread with strawberry jam and fresh sliced strawberries

Friday – Easy Breakfast Recipe: Cheese Toast at Crystal and with Milk and any leftover fruit.

Saturday – Breakfast Ham, with 2 Eggs cooked to choice, sliced tomatoes

Sunday – Strawberry Banana Muffins from The Mom Maven with a glass of milk.


Monday – Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Wraps (using bbq chicken from previous week mix with pineapple tidbits) with white rice on side.

Tuesday – Ham & Cheese Wrap, Mandarin Orange Fruit Cup, Animal Crackers

Wednesday – Taco Salad in a Jar is simple. Just cook up some ground beef using your favorite (aff link) taco seasoning packet, then layer beef, canned beans, salsa, sour cream and lettuce in a jar.

Thursday – Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches with sliced strawberries, and pretzel sticks

Friday – Ham Salad Sandwiches, chips, blueberries (or other on-hand fruit).

Saturday – Turkey, Bacon, Avocado Sandwiches from A Simple Pantry

Sunday – Seared Steak Salad from A Simple Pantry

menu plans 35 . decluttering the house


Monday – Easy Italian Meatloaf served with green beans and dinner rolls

Tuesday – Chicken Breasts with Garlic, Mushrooms & Rosemary from The Gardening Cook over Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday –Sausage, Onion, and Potato Sheet Pan Dinner from Wondermom Wannabe

Thursday – 5-Ingredient Crab & Corn Casserole is a great all-in-one dish for busy weeknights.

Friday – Coca-Cola Chicken Drumsticks from Spaceships and Laser Beams with white or brown rice and steamed veggies using what you have on-hand.

Saturday – Marinated Flank Steak from Sweet C’s with Corn, and Baked Potatoes

Sunday – Sunday night Taco Bar, cook up ground beef using favorite taco seasoning package, pull out any leftover shells, shred lettuce, dice tomatoes, or use salsa and shredded cheese. Then, let everyone load up their own taco bowls.

My favorite Housekeeping Tips:

I like to purge and declutter the day before the garbage man comes so that the trash goes out right way. I also make that day my errand day so that I can take anything good to Goodwill, to friends, etc.

100+ Getting Your Home Organized Tips

The Homemaker’s Cleaning Guide – sorted by room

Week Thirty Five Menu Plan Recipes and Shopping List


Get your free printable Week 35 Menu Plan Recipes & Shopping List by clicking the image above.

My Favorite Easy to Follow Meal Plan Resources:

The following affiliate links are things that I love!  I get so tired of planning, but having interesting, educational, and down-right fun goodies makes this chore so much easier to swallow. ?

How to Meal Plan

Menu Wipe Off Board

My Favorite Pens

 Meal Planning Printables: Weeks 32 through 35 Perfect for August!

What do you do to be sure you are using a great variety of your recipes? Do you create a specific Easy to Follow Meal Plan?  Do you have a system of trying something new each week?  I would love to hear your menu planning details!

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