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Menu Plan Monday: Getting Back to Normal

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Well, it is Monday – that means our vacation is just about over.  Tonight is our last night here, then we head home.  I am ready to get home, because the thought of all the emails and such that I can’t access or do anything with has my belly kind of icky feeling.  On the other hand, I have enjoyed not being so connected to the computer this week.

The rest of this week is going to be insane trying to catch up from vacation and weight training has started so I will be trying to catch up without Ricky’s help.  Hmm… reading back over that, normal doesn’t sound too good. LOL!  Let’s just stay here.  Such is life, huh?

Ok, ok, the rain is making me maudlin… let’s get on with the menu plan that is full of comfort food goodness!

menu plans 30 . comfort food goodness

Week Thirty Menu Plan:

Scroll to the bottom to print out these plans and the shopping list or, if you don’t want to wait, you can get 5 weeks of menu plans and shopping lists.


Monday – Apple and Oats Yogurt Parfait from Real the Kitchen & Beyond

Tuesday – Toast with Nut Butter and Sliced Bananas and Honey Drizzle

Wednesday – Cranberry Oatmeal Bars from Red Cottage Chronicles

Thursday – Toast with Ricotta Cheese, Tomatoes, & Basil

Friday – Just imagine how fun it will be to tell your kids they can have cookies for breakfast! With these 4 Ingredient Blueberry Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies from Almost Supermom you can do just that, and know they are eating healthy.

Saturday – Broccoli Goats Cheese Frittata from Caroline’s Cooking

Sunday – French Toast Breakfast Casserole from The Gardening Cook


Monday – Quinoa is so healthy and easy to make. Follow package directions to make a lunch time quinoa bowl. In a separate pan, fry an egg in olive oil for each person, over medium, or to preferred temperature. Once cooked, stir into the quinoa some baby spinach leaves, and cherry tomatoes. Dish into bowls and top each with egg.

Tuesday – Italian Sausage Subs with Provolone & Marinara

Wednesday – French Bread Toast Points with Hummus Dip and Rolled Deli Meat

Thursday – Chicken Caesar Salad in a Jar

Friday – Fish Stick Tacos with Cole Slaw

Saturday – Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza from I Love my Disorganized Life with a Side Salad

Sunday – Creamy Chicken Alfredo (Aff link your favorite Jarred Alfredo Sauce) with peas and spinach.

Week Thirty_ Menu Plan Printables


Monday – Even in the summer time you sometimes need a hearty, comforting meal. And this Crockpot Beef Stroganoff over at Parenting Chaos over Noodles with a side of Steamed Broccoli is sure to hit the spot.

Tuesday – 3 Bean Chili from Moms Confession with Sour cream & Corn Muffins

Wednesday – Summer and Tomatoes go hand in hand. With this Bacon Ranch & Tomato Pie  from Blooming in Bedlam with a Spinach, Pea, & Cucumber Salad, and Crusty Italian Bread you’ll enjoy the juicy goodness that comes with fresh summer tomatoes. They’ll be even better if you can source them from a local farmer!

Thursday – Slow Cooker Pot Roast with Onion Soup Mix from The Rising Sun and serve with mashed potatoes. (reserve leftovers for week 31 lunch)

Friday – Grilled BBQ Chicken from See Mom Click with Grilled Zucchini, Squash, and Bell Peppers (While you are grilling cook some boneless chicken breasts to use for dinner next week).

Saturday – Grilled Cod with Lemon Thyme and Garlicky Green Beans by Sassy Southern Yankee

Sunday – Cheesy Meatball Stuffed Peppers at My Life Cookbooks with Garden Salad

Week Thirty Menu Plan Recipes and Shopping List

Get your free printable menu plan and shopping list by clicking the image above.

My Favorite Easy to Follow Meal Plan Resources:

The following affiliate links are things that I love!  I get so tired of planning, but having interesting, educational, and down-right fun goodies makes this chore so much easier to swallow. ?

How to Meal Plan

Menu Wipe Off Board

My Favorite Pens

Perfect for July! Includes printable menus and shopping lists for the next 5 weeks of the year (or any weeks of the year, honestly).

What do you do to be sure you are using a great variety of your recipes? Do you create a specific Easy to Follow Meal Plan?  Do you have a system of trying something new each week?  I would love to hear your menu planning details!

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Sherri @ Luv a Bargain

Monday 18th of July 2011

Hope you vacation was wonderful! We just got back the end of last week too. As great as it was SO nice to be back in my own bed :)

Talk you you soon!