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60 Printable Menu Plans for Kids and Families

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How do you keep track of your menu plan each week? I use premade forms that I print off right at home. I make printables and love creating them for every new season. But I also love the creative printable menu plans I find online and today I’m sharing some of them with you!

Take a look at the printable menu plans for families and kids below to get your grocery shopping and meal planning done in no time! There are beautiful printable meal planners, cute kid-friendly lunch menus, and even printable recipe cards for organizing your family’s favorite dishes!

Need a few frugal dinners for your meal plan? Browse this list of 30 favorite pork recipes you can make!

60 Printable Menu Plans for Families

60 Printable Menu Plans for Kids and Families

1. Put this What’s Cooking Menu Planning Printable on the fridge to announce your meals for the week!

2. Running low on pantry staples? Use this Printable Dinner Options List to decide what you can make tonight!

3. Let the kids get in on meal planning fun with this adorable Pretend Play Sweet Shoppe Menu for Kids!

4. Add this Printable Weekly Menu to your home management binder!

5. Outline a full month of meals with this 31-Day Kid-Approved Menu Plan!

6. This Printable Chalkboard-Style Menu is lovely! And you can place it directly on the dining table!

7. Welcome warmer weather with this Spring Weekly Menu Printable!

8. Make a few copies of this Free Printable Weekly Dinner Menu to try once-a-month shopping!

9. Kids can use this Visual Lunch Menu for Kids to pack their own school lunches!

10. Come up with 28 go-to dinners and then fill in this Printable Monthly Menu Planner!

11. Let your children know what they can pack each day with this Printable School Lunch Menu!

12. Laminate this Printable Menu Planner and hang it on the fridge!

13. Use this Printable Weekly Menu Planner to plan all three meals each day!

14. Take this Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List along to make sure you get all your ingredients for the week!

15. This cheery Spring Weekly Meal Plan is a perfect way to brighten up your meal planning session!

16. Place this Weekly Menu Planner and Grocery List in your home management binder and create a favorite meals list!

17. Let the kids choose their own meals with this Printable Kids’ Weekly Lunch Menu!

18. These lovely Fall Leaves Menu Plan Printables are so sweet for autumn!

19. Set up a drink station at your next kids’ party and put out this adorable Printable Kids’ Mocktail Menu!

20. Prep a week’s worth of breakfasts with this Printable Morning Meal Planner!

21. This Printable Half-Size Menu Planner is great if you’re using a small planner!

22. Place this DIY Grab and Go Lunch Printable on the fridge and let the kids choose which items they want for lunch!

23. Trying out the 21 Day Fix Diet? These 21 Day Fix Meal Planning Sheets can help!

24. It’s hard for moms to eat healthy during the day. Pick up this Printable Healthy Lunch Menu Plan for Moms!

25. This Flowers Printable Meal Plan is so bright for spring!

26. Keep this Printable Fridge Menu and Grocery List on the refrigerator and then take it to the store with you!

27. This Printable Kids’ Lunch and Snack Ideas Menu is great for helping you brainstorm quick and easy lunches for the kids!

28. Tell the family what’s for supper with this What’s for Dinner Printable!

29. Outline an entire month of healthy meals with this Printable Healthy Family Meal Plan!

30. This handy Printable Meal Plan and Grocery List Set is great for meal planning and grocery budgeting!

Printable Meal Plans for Families and Kids

31. Get set for the school year with this Back to School Menu Plan!

32. This Farmhouse-Style Printable Menu Planner is so lovely!

33. Planning a camping trip soon? This Printable Camping Meal Plan is a convenient planning help!

34. Create this Printable Dry Erase Menu Board to have a meal plan you can reuse!

35. Grab these Flowers Printable Recipe Cards to start a collection of your family’s favorite dishes!

36. Use this Weekly Dinner Ideas Printable to come up with new dinner ideas to try!

37. Do you use a bullet journal to meal plan? Pick up these Printable Meal Bullet Journal Stickers!

38. Adults love to color as much as kids these days! This Printable Coloring Menu Planner looks like so much fun!

39. Need a quick fall meal plan? Try this September-Themed Meal Plan printable and fill it with your family’s favorite hearty dishes!

40. If your kids are picky eaters, this pre-filled Printable Kid-Friendly Meal Plan is a great starting point!

41. Shop for the kids’ lunch meals with this Color Lunchbox Planner Printable!

42. Do you buy groceries at Aldi? This Printable Aldi Meal Plan is a huge help!

43. Use this Simple Weekly Meal Planning Printable to get a look at what you’ll be making this week!

44. Want to customize your menu printable? Try this Editable Meal Planner!

45. This bright Printable Color Block Weekly Menu Planner is so pretty!

46. Beat the heat this summer with this August Printable Meal Planner!

47. Let the kids throw out a few ideas and put them on this Free Menu Planning Printable!

48. This Printable Weekly Meal Plan is a nice way to switch up your basic planner!

49. This Free Tea Time Meal Planner is so cute, especially if you’re a tea drinker!

50. Add this one-page Printable Colors Menu Planning Sheet to your home management binder and place it in a sheet protector to use it over and over again!

51. Brainstorm some warm-weather dishes with this Winter Weekly Menu Printable!

52. This Printable Healthy Lunchbox Idea List is loaded with over 100 ideas for the kids!

53. Get a head start on meal planning with these Make-Ahead Meal Planning Printables!

54. This simple Printable Grocery Shopping List Set is so helpful for planning your grocery run!

55. Use this Printable Simple Fall Meal Plan to take the guesswork out of meal planning!

56. Add this lovely Printable Home Sweet Home Vintage Meal Plan to your homemaking printable collection!

57. This smart Printable Menu Planner with Ingredient List lets you list the ingredients you need for each meal!

58. These Floral Meal Planning Printables are so gorgeous! They’ll brighten up any planner!

59. This Weekly Meal Planning and Shopping List Printable is an easy way to plan for next week’s meals!

60. The kids will get a kick out of this super cute Printable Monster-Themed Lunch Menu Planner!

Printable Meal Plans for Families

Printable Menu Plans for Kids and Families Resources:

These Amazon affiliate resources feature plenty of printable menu plans for kids and families you can use at home!

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