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Easy Fudge Recipes

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Get your sweet tooths ready – these Easy Fudge Recipes are literally the best! From vanilla fudge recipes to peanut butter fudge recipes, you’re going to find variations of them all right here. I’ve literally gathered up my top fudge recipes and I can’t wait to hear which one you like best.

All of these recipes about fudge are easy, fast, and simple! Just make certain to store in an airtight container in the refrigerator to keep them as fresh as possible for as long as possible! I have so many other 20+ Easy Christmas Fudge Recipes You’ll Love as well so don’t miss out on those!

The best part about fudge is that every bite just melts in your mouth. This means that you can take a bite and let it just sit on your tongue which is one of the best ways to prolong that fudge flavoring.

Best Fudge Recipes:

The following fudge recipes are literally the most FAVORITE fudge recipes for my family. This list includes each of our top picks and I think you’re about to find out why! (because let’s be honest – it’s important for each person to pick a different type of fudge so that we have to make them all!)

My Fantasy Fudge is the most popular fudge recipe on the site. It’s not only fast and easy but it has an amazing flavor, too.

Personally, I really love the Buckeye Fudge Candy Recipe but it can be a bit sweet. So, you have to eat tiny pieces at a time. This one however is the perfect combo of sweet, salty, and crunchy!

If you are a fan of white chocolate and love the combo of sweet & salty, don’t miss out on this Crazy-Good Reese’s Pieces Fudge Recipe. The kids always ask for this one and I’ll happily whip it up!

My daddy is a junk food junkie. In fact, he is where I get it from. lol anyway, back to what I was saying. 🙂 He is a junk food junkie, so he has tasted TONS of different sweets. He declared the Super Delicious Caramel White Chocolate Fudge Recipe the best one ever. So, it must be true!

I love the caramel in this Simple Turtle Fudge Recipe because it makes every bite perfectly sweet! With a handful of easy ingredients, don’t miss this one – seriously.

This Super Sweet Reese Cup Fudge Recipe is one of my favorites!

Everyone in the family is obsessed with this OREO White Chocolate Fudge Recipe!

Fun Fudge Recipes:

These colorful fudge candies are great for baby showers and birthday parties! The bright colors draw in the eye and the flavor keeps ’em coming back for more.

I love anything unicorn dessert so this Colorful and Delicious Unicorn Fudge Recipe is at the top of my list as well. This is super fun for a birthday treat and could even possibly replace the need for a cake!

Holy moly, this Tasty and Simple Blueberry Muffin Fudge Recipe is good! The texture, the taste…sweet perfection. You’re probably gonna make a double batch of this one because the first is gonna be gone before you know it.

The flavor of this Chocolate Chip Cookie Fudge Recipe is one that you’re never going to forget!

You’ll love this Delicious Egg Nog Fudge Recipe!

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Holiday Fudge Recipes:

The holidays call for fudge! All things fudge! Below I’ve broken it down into specific holidays so that you can know exactly what to search for!

You just might one-up the Easter Bunny this year when you make this Easter Egg Fudge Recipe!

Christmas Fudge Recipes:

Any of these holiday fudge recipes would be perfect on your Christmas dessert table.

This Easy Gingerbread Fudge Recipe tastes like a creamy gingerbread cookie. I’m serious! I love how it melts in my mouth and the warm spices come out perfectly.

Calling all peppermint fans! These Crazy Good Peppermint Fudge Filled Cookies have a bit of a twist to it so I think that you’ll want to check this out for sure. If you make this before Christmas, it’ll be like Christmas came early!

might be a mean one but there’s nothing but love and happiness for this Tasty Grinch Fudge Recipe. Perfect for celebrating all things Grinch.

Add these 20+ Easy Christmas Fudge Recipes You’ll Love to your baking list. You can use these for a cookie tradeoff as well because everyone would love having some fudge to go with their cookies.

This Decadent Andes Mint Fudge Recipe really tastes just like you’re eating an Andes Mint. It’s so refreshing and delicious.

Everyone will love the flavor of this Mint Chocolate Fudge Recipe!

Check out this simple Winter Wonderland Fudge Recipe!

Use these 15+ Easter Fudge Recipes for a sweet treat!

Valentine Fudge Recipes:

Make these sweets for your sweets! Perfect for the biggest day all about love!

Valentine’s Day Cake Mix Fudgeyes, you read that right! Cake mix fudge! You know with a name like that this recipe has to be a breeze! (and it is!)

Perfectly Sweet Pink Cherry Fudge Recipe is soo good. It’s just the perfect hint of cherry combined with the creaminess of fudge.

Easy Red Velvet Fudge is the perfect easy fudge treat!

Fudge Dessert Recipes:

These recipes either all use fudge or have a fudgy ingredient added to them. You’re gonna need to check them all out and decide what you like the best. Fudge taste test anyone?

With this Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies Recipe, it isn’t overly sweet but it does have that amazing fudgy texture and taste!

Peppermint Fudge Filled Cookies need to be at the top of your Christmas list this year. Just trust me on this one.

These delicious Dr. Pepper Cupcakes start with a box of Dark Chocolate Fudge cake mix! They’re super simple and an amazing dessert.

Don’t miss out on this Crazy Good Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fudge Recipe!

The kids will love this Raspberry Mermaid Fudge Recipe!

Making this Cookie Monster Fudge Recipe is the best!

Try this Homemade Smores Fudge Recipe!

This Red White and Blue Fudge Recipe is the top summer recipe!

Make this Easter Fudge with Jelly Beans!

I love the flavor and taste of this Easy Red Velvet Fudge Recipe!

What is the secret to making fudge?

The key to making fudge is all about getting it to the right temperature. You need a candy thermometer to be able to check and monitor the temperature of the fudge as it’s cooking and this is the EXACT one that I use. Also, understand the texture that you’re going fan. You’re wanting it to be soft but not runny. Don’t overcook, or over stir anything and pay attention to the details on the recipe cards.

What do I do if my fudge doesn’t set?

This might happen but there are things that you can do to try to get it to set. Bring the fudge back to a boil at 212 degrees. Cook it again according to the recipe after that and see if that works. Make certain you follow the cooling instructions and everything on the recipe card perfectly to see if it sets up. I would highly recommend that you pay close attention to the temperatures as that is key to properly make fudge.

Can you freeze homemade fudge?

You can. That’s one of the best reasons to love fudge! If you make a big batch, you don’t have to eat it all at once – unless you want to! To know how to freeze fudge direction, use these easy-to-follow tips!

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