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15 Baby Shower Gifts No One Thinks Of

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I love this list of Baby Shower Gifts No One Thinks Of! Mom’s to-be will love the thoughtfulness of these gift ideas because it’s items that they’ll use. These baby shower gifts are perfect for showers or fun to drop off once the baby is born.

Use this list of simple gift ideas to put a smile on the new mom’s face. This list is an excellent option for anyone looking for the perfect baby shower gift!

Be unique in the gift that you take the shower. These gift ideas are thoughtful, fun, and, best of all, needed! A mom can only take so many baby butt pastes that are all the same.

Use this list to stand out as the best gift giver of the shower!

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How long do baby showers last?

Baby showers are joyous occasions that celebrate the arrival of a new life, offering a chance for friends and family to gather and shower the expecting parents with love and gifts. Typically, a baby shower lasts about 2 to 3 hours.

This time frame allows guests to enjoy activities such as gift-giving, playing themed games, indulging in light refreshments, and partaking in heartfelt conversations. The duration ensures enough time to open presents, share advice, and savor this special milestone without making the event too tiring for the expectant mother.

It’s a balanced approach for a memorable and comfortable celebration for everyone involved. Welcome Baby Gift BoxLooxii Muslin Burp Cloths 100% Cotton MuslinMoonkie Stacks of Circles Soft Teething ToyPandaEar Set of 3 Cute Silicone BabyJohnson's Sleepy Time Bedtime Baby Gift SetZICOTO Soft Baby Book with Touch andZIRI & ZANE Baby Sock Gift SetBaby Swaddle Blanket | Ultra-Soft Plush Essential


What are fun games to play at baby showers?

Baby showers are about showering the expectant mother with gifts and love and sharing joyful moments with friends and family. Fun games are crucial in creating a lively atmosphere and memorable experiences.

Classic games like ‘Guess the Baby Food,’ where guests blind taste-test jars of baby food and guess the flavors, always elicit laughter and playful competition. ‘Baby Bingo,’ with cards filled with common baby shower gifts, adds an interactive element to gift-opening time.

For those with a creative flair, ‘Design a Onesie’ provides a hands-on activity with fabric markers and plain onesies. Another crowd-pleaser is the ‘Baby Word Scramble,’ where guests race to unscramble common baby-related words.

These games are just a sprinkle of delightful options that can bring giggles and bonding to the occasion, ensuring that all attendees — not just the guest of honor — enjoy the celebration.

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15 Baby Shower Gifts No One Thinks Of

This list of baby shower gifts will knock gift-giving out to the park! Start at the top and work your way down. I bet you can’t find just one!

Baby Shower Printables

Check out these great resources to help with baby shower planning:

Baby Shower Gifts No One Thinks Of

These are great baby shower gift ideas that slip through the radar!

Which of these baby shower gift ideas do you like best?

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