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Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

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Planning a baby shower for the arrival of an adorable baby girl is so much fun!

While some expectant mothers love everything pink and frills, other prefer to have a different approach to how they envision their baby shower. If your job is to help plan the perfect baby girl baby shower, you are going to have a blast with all the different options available!

If you are looking for some great baby shower ideas for girls, here are a few to help get you started!

baby shower for a little girl

Make certain to check with the mom-to-be to see if she already has a nursery theme in mind that you can plan off of! If she does, you can tailor anything and everything related to the baby shower towards that!

But if not, you have a blank slate to create an amazing baby shower for your friend and her baby girl.

Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

Think Pink! If the momma-to-be loves everything pink for her upcoming bundle of joy, roll with that when planning the upcoming baby shower. Pink flowers as centerpieces, pink bows for decorative items, and pink cupcakes are just a few amazing pink items that you can have to celebrate! Set the tone for the guests as well by making certain that the invitations match the color scheme as well and even include a note for them to “Think Pink!”

Who doesn’t love unicorns? By having a Unicorn-themed baby shower, the mom-to-be and the guests will have a blast! Don’t forget the Unicorn cake and fun decorations that can really take this baby shower over the top.

Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

Everyone already knows that before the beautiful little baby girl is born, she is already going to be a princess. Having a princess-themed baby shower is a great way to welcome her into the world! Nothing screams princess louder than crowns, gold flaked cupcakes and the mom-to-be wearing a custom-made “Queen” shirt. Have fun when planning a princess themed baby shower! There are so many cute ideas.

Baby elephants are a huge hit when it comes to baby showers for girls. Print off some cute pictures of cartoon baby elephants and have them on the tables for everyone to sign and write down a few words of advice for the soon-to-be mom. Have a few fun games for everyone to play that are elephant themed like a ring-toss on the elephant trunk or pin the tail on the elephant. Baby elephants are so cute and a perfect base for a baby shower for a girl!

If you happen to be throwing a baby shower for a mom who already has everything, what do you do? Why not throw a book-themed baby shower? Instead of everyone buying baby gifts that the mom-to-be may not need, have everyone buy a book or two and write down a few words of advice on the inside cover of the book. One can never have too many books, right? It’s the perfect way to get some fun books for the baby girl to have as she grows older and the mom-to-be will love all the fun and unique books and advice that she gets as well!

Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

More Baby Girl Shower Ideas:

Let’s have a Tea Party!

Throwing or hosting a baby shower for a baby girl is so much fun! Think tank of what you want to do for the baby shower, and then make it happen. Use a few of the fun suggestions above or research other options that may catch your eye. No matter what you choose, go big with it! The celebration for the birth of a baby girl needs to be big and fun for everyone!

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