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DIY Jungle Baby Shower Centerpieces

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These fun DIY jungle baby shower centerpieces are so simple and fun, I am SO GLAD I made them. I mean, bright, colorful and perfectly on-theme for the jungle themed shower I’m working on. Who doesn’t love a derpy set of jungle babies?!

If you’re just starting on your journey to planning your own jungle party, though, be sure to check out these awesome jungle-themed shower ideas. You’re going to love all the stuff that you’ll find. And they’ll all coordinate with these super cute baby shower jungle centerpieces!

Disclosure: I work with Cricut as a Brand Ambassador. This post also contains affiliate links.

But, really, the best part about these fun baby shower decorations is the way they came together so easily. The kids could even help to make them, if you want, they’re that simple.

So, before you head out to find a gift today for your new mama, let’s get to making some jungle animal baby shower centerpieces!

Necessary Tools:

Making a DIY centerpiece for a baby shower really can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. To make these fun coconut tree centerpieces, I only needed a couple of tools to make this project (which is seriously one of the best ever).

Necessary Materials to Make This Jungle Theme Baby Shower Centerpiece Idea:

Now, the list of materials might seem a bit long, but really, it’s just a few little things you can find around. To make these easy DIY baby animal centerpieces, I only needed three things:

  • Quality Card Stock Paper
  • Free Printable for the Baby Jungle Animals (below)
  • White Faux Flowers
  • Dark Green Faux Leaves
  • 2-3 1-inch Foam Balls
  • 6-inch Burlap Ribbon
  • Brown Craft Felt
  • Bamboo Skewer Stick
  • Wood Round
  • Small Amount of Moss
  • Cardboard Tube (Paper Towel Roll or Similar)

Oh, and my Cricut and the light grip mat. I needed that, too.

Tips to Make Jungle Themed Centerpieces for a Baby Shower:

Now these are super easy to make and you can totally over think them. So I came up with a few tips to make sure you’re getting the most awesome centerpiece for your effort.

  • Heavy wood rounds, when glued to tall, light things like paper rolls, will hold up just about anything. You can almost affix a wood round to anything to keep it standing up.
  • Don’t go overboard with your faux flowers and leaves–this is supposed to be a coconut tree…so keep the foliage light.
  • Remember: the focus is supposed to be on the baby jungle animals. So, feel free to add whatever, but keep it light.
  • If you want to make your centerpieces two-sided, simply mirror the image when you do the print-and-cut in Cricut Design Space. This will give you a perfect mirror for each of the jungle baby animal medallions that you can just glue to the other side of the bamboo stick.
  • The biggest tip, though? Don’t over think this. You are going to surround these centerpieces with more party decor and fun stuff, so it’s just going to be a little pop of color amid a sea of fun stuff!

Jungle Baby Shower Food Ideas:

  • Rotel Dip With Ground Beef – For a wild time enjoying some appetizers at your baby shower, you should always have a good, reliable cheese dip on the table that everyone will enjoy.
  • Hawaiian Blue Mocktail – Don’t monkey around with adult-only drinks. That’s not done anymore. Instead, make this awesome mocktail that all the guests will beg for!
  • Meat and Cheese Plate Ideas – Charcuterie is the newest trend that’s been around forever and ever. And these ideas are the best you’ll find.

Fun Jungle Baby Shower Decorations:

If this is your first or your five-hundredth baby shower, you probably are searching for more than just a centerpiece you can make…you probably want a full-on coordinated set.

Good news for you, I’ve go this jungle baby shower down-pat!

Plus there’s more. Just be sure to check back and search the site. I mean to go overboard!

More Baby Shower Food Ideas:

Oh, you’re loving this idea for a jungle themed baby shower for your daughter’s baby shower? And you know the baby jungle animals were perfect from the moment you saw them? (I think, if I had one, this would be perfect for my daughter’s first baby–so I get it.) But she’s not even pregnant yet? Oh.

Well, that’s ok!

Just pin this to your favorite party planning ideas board on Pinterest so you can find it again super-quick when it is time.

Jungle Themed Baby Shower Centerpiece

What do you do with these jungle themed baby shower centerpieces? You can use them as table decor, use them as table markers (you know, if you have a large party and need to identify which table each party sits at) or you can just use them to designate the table for gifts.

Either way, these are great decorations for your jungle baby animal shower. Just toss them on any table and your guests are going to be absolutely giddy with enjoyment!

And making these simple party centerpieces is so easy, so fast, you literally could make a little forest of coconut trees for your party. Just remember to leave room for the other decorations.

DIY Jungle Baby Shower Centerpieces

DIY Jungle Baby Shower Centerpieces

Yield: 1 DIY Jungle Baby Shower Centerpiece
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $3

These awesome DIY jungle baby shower centerpieces are so quick to work-up, you're going to have a dozen of them to supplement your jungle shower decorations in just a few minutes!


  • Quality Card Stock Paper
  • Free Printable for the Jungle Babies
  • White Faux Flowers
  • Dark Green Faux Leaves
  • 2-3 1-inch Foam Balls
  • 6-inch Burlap Ribbon
  • Brown Craft Felt
  • Bamboo Skewer Stick
  • Wood Round
  • Small Amount of Moss
  • Cardboard Tube (Paper Towel Roll or Similar)


  • Cricut
  • Light Grip Mat
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue


  1. Working with one sheet at a time, download the PNG Files, then upload each to Cricut Design Space.
  2. Select "complex" image type. On the next screen, select "continue" and the following screen, select "save as a print and cut project".
  3. Insert the image onto the next screen, then select "make it".
  4. Load the white card stock into your printer and print the project.
  5. Place the printed card stock paper onto your light grip mat as shown on the screen in Cricut Design Space.
  6. Select medium-thickness card stock as the material.
  7. Load the light grip mat into your Cricut cutting machine and tell it to cut.
  8. When the cut is complete, weed the design and repeat with the remaining number of centerpiece trees you plan to make.
  9. Cut your brown craft felt to be the same length as your paper roll. Wrap the paper roll in the craft felt and hot glue it in place.
  10. Stand the paper roll on the center of the wood round and hot glue it in place. Insert a bamboo skewer into the paper roll tube and hot glue it to one side with about 2 inches sticking up above the edge of the paper roll.
  11. Affix the jungle babies paper cutout to the bamboo skewer above the edge of the paper roll.
  12. Make the coconuts by wrapping the foam balls in a small square of burlap ribbon, then hot glueing the burlap wrapped balls onto the top of the paper roll.
  13. Hot glue the faux flowers and leaves onto the paper roll tube top, between the coconuts and the jungle babies paper cutout.
  14. Add moss around the base of the tree on the wood round as desired and enjoy!

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