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Disney Princess Baby Shower Theme

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Having a Disney Princess Baby Shower is such a simple concept and idea! There are literally so many different movies and Disney shows that you can channel for inspiration that it’s safe to say you’re results could be never-ending!

Everyone loves Disney. And when you take that love of Disney and pair it up with Disney Princesses….you’ve got a baby shower theme that is certain to impress. There are literally dozens of Disney Princesses just waiting for their time to shine.

from snack to gifts from invites to decor you need this ultimate guide to a princess themed baby shower

If you’ve had your eye on having a Disney Princess Baby Shower, there has never been a better time than now. These simple Princess baby shower theme ideas are so simple and easy to do.

Disney Princess Baby Shower Theme

No baby shower would be complete without some sort of dessert! These Disney Princess cupcakes are just what your guests want and need! Give them plenty of fun options to choose from with these delicious homemade cupcakes options. 

Because of the popularity of Disney, finding princess decorations isn’t really all that hard to do. You can find them online at Walmart with ease, or you can branch out and make your own. These fun DIY Princess Crowns are simple and adorable, and everyone young and adult will feel like a true princess at your baby shower. 

Being a true Princess means that most items need glitter and pink. Make certain to have this Pink Princess Punch on hand to quench the thirst of all your guests! 

If you’re allowing children to come to your baby shower, then you also need to be prepared to have some items and crafts on hand for them as well. Print off a bunch of these Disney Princess coloring pages and let them have a ball! They can really get creative and if you want, you can hold a coloring contest and hand out some fun “pretties” for the winners as well. 

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Disney Princess Baby Shower Ideas

And while it’s important to have crafts and other fun games at your baby shower, don’t forget the sweets, too! In addition to your cake or cupcakes, consider having a Disney Princess Candy table that is certain to make everyone’s dreams come true! Order as much candy as you can and let them fill their bags to the brim. Not only does everyone love candy, but it’s a simple way to have them create a goodie bag that they can take home later as well. 

Like any princess, you need to have the head table look like it’s fit for royalty. The good news? There are some amazing Disney Princess centerpiece kits that you can order to make that a reality. And if you don’t have the time for that, simply take the initiative and create your own. Pink or red roses in a vase are just one great way to make anyone feel like a Princess. Add a few sparkles and glitter and just like that, you’ve created something right out of a fairytale! 

And last, but not least, use what you have around the house as fun focal points and decorations as well. Set out some Disney Princess books that you might have, let the neighborhood kids color up some pretty artwork to have hanging around and just have fun with the different ways that you can bring this baby shower look together.

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If you have a vision of everything Disney Princess in your mind, there’s no reason that you can’t make it a reality. Do your research, narrow it down to the top ideas that you love, and then enlist the help of your family and friends! Before long, you’ll be celebrating like a Disney Princess just like you wanted! 

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