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Unicorn Baby Shower Ideas

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Anything Unicorn is on fire right now in terms of being popular. Adults and kids all over the world are searching for unicorn items high and low. If you’re expecting a little bundle of joy, why not have a unicorn baby shower to welcome him or her into the world?

Unicorns are one of the most popular baby shower ideas right now!

While many people may think that unicorns are for baby girls, there are ways that you can have it be for baby boys, too!  We have so many unicorn baby shower ideas in this article… from invitations to treats, from presents to decorations, it is all here!

unicorn ideas for baby shower

Here are some simple suggestions on how to have an amazing Unicorn baby shower!

[alert-announce]Table of Contents:

  1. Unicorn Baby Shower Ideas – includes invitations, tips, and party favor ideas.
  2. Unicorn Baby Shower Decorations – from balloons to tablecloths and everything in between.
  3. Unicorn Themed Party Supplies – includes all the supplies your party needs from spoons to serving dishes and all the party supplies between!
  4. Unicorn Inspired Foods – includes all the magical goodness you could possibly need for your over-the-top unicorn baby shower.
  5. Games & Activities for a Unicorn Baby Shower – keep the ladies laughing with these fun unicorn games.
  6. Gift Ideas for a Unicorn Party – includes ideas for the mom-to-be as well as hostess gift ideas and game winner gift ideas.
  7. Keeping Young Guests Busy – when young children attend, these game and activity ideas will keep them from getting bored. Plus, you will get brownie points with their mommas!


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Unicorn Baby Shower Ideas:

When you are the hostess for a Baby shower, so much goes into it. You aren’t just in charge of sending a baby shower invitation to everyone.  You are also in charge of the theme idea, party favors, etc.  You even have to determine which party shower game to play and which to avoid.  Yes, many will help you pull off the Ultimate Baby Shower, but someone has to be in charge to be sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Here at 3 Boys and a Dog, we have many different baby shower ideas, but none are more popular than our Unicorn Baby Shower ideas!  Hopefully we have everything you could need to pull off this fun day. Please, let us know if we have left something out.

Plates, cups, napkins, etc are all important items to have at a baby shower, but please don’t forget the Unicorn favors!

Below are a few of my favorite party favors for the guests at your Unicorn Baby Shower.

  • If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect party favor to send home will all your guests, why not give them the gift of this homemade Unicorn soap?
  • If little ones will be joining at your baby shower, have some cute favor bags that they can put their treats and popcorn in.
  • Bubbles, baby showers, and unicorns were made for each other. These adorable unicorn bubble wands are the perfect addition to your shower.

Don’t forget to let your guests know that it’s time for a party! These adorable unicorn invitations are perfect!

And just in case you need another option for invitations, it doesn’t hurt to have choices. Mailing out these Printable Unicorn Baby Shower Invitations is a great way to let everyone know the theme and get them excited, too!

the ultimate unicorn baby shower guide

Unicorn Baby Shower Decorations:

Trust me, I am not very good at decorations, but even I know you can inflate a few unicorn balloons and call it done. I am perfectly happy doing that and even possibly throwing out a few gold unicorns confetti, but that is not good enough!  Baby showers these days have to be instagram-worthy to be considered memorable!  So, let’s be sure we have the right unicorn decorations for your party.

Make up some of these Easy Unicorn Baby Shower Decorations. Homemade decorations are always a lot of fun and are a great way for everyone hosting the shower to spend time together.

You could make your own unicorn decor, like this adorable Unicorn Ribbon Ring from Ruffles and Rain Boots.  She also has some free Unicorn SVGs to help you create many decorations for your baby shower.

Every table at your shower needs a centerpiece. This super simple DIY unicorn centerpiece won’t take long to make and will be a great way to show off your unicorn theme!

Check out this fun Unicorn Baby Shower Diaper Cake! The mom-to-be will need all the diapers possible and it’s such a fun decor idea that is useful as well.

You can never go wrong with balloons.  From pretty rainbow colored ones, to big Foil Girl Unicorn balloons.  Piece of advice, don’t waste your money renting a helium tank! You can buy one on amazon for nearly the same price!

Catch My Party has an adorable set of free Unicorn Party Printables that includes a picture to frame, table tents, and more.  Those table tents are perfect for fun food names.

I am a big believer that decor should hold two purposes.  I mean that the Mom-to-Be can use the decorations in her nursery later.  So, purchase a couple Unicorn Plushies to set around the party area or to hold down a grouping of balloons.

My Little Pony action figures would be great set round the food table, too.  Here is a set that includes some unicorns, but you could also go to Dollar General. They carry small ones for a fraction of the cost.

A couple Command hooks would allow you to hang a floating book shelf or two and then you could fill them with decor and books to help embrace the party theme. But, it also is a great gift idea for the new Mom-to-Be!  Here are a few of my top pick books to include:

Can one ever really have too many unicorn decorations? Absolutely not. Stock up on a ton of great baby shower decorations here!

Make sure to have a place for selfies with the Mom-to-be!  The Unicorn Face backdrop would be perfect.  You could also just do lengths of streamers in bright rainbow colors.

Unicorn Quotes Make a Simple Decor Idea

Having great quotes that you can print off is also an awesome Unicorn decoration idea. Here are some unicorn quotes that might be perfect for your unicorn-themed baby shower!

Line the walls with some of these Encouraging Unicorn Quotes about Life!

Keep Calm Unicorn Quotes are perfect for a unicorn-themed baby shower because keeping calm is what you’re supposed to do!

Print of some of these Free Printable Unicorn Quotes and have them lying around on the tables.

Share these Happy Unicorn Quotes with all your guests. They’re cheerful and fun!

Feeling emotional? Having some Sad Unicorn Quotes may be just what your heart needs.

Short Unicorn Quotes are always good and are fun to have sprinkled around as well.

Don’t forget the Unicorn Quotes about Love!

Does the new mom need some tips? Try these Encouraging Unicorn Quotes!

Make certain to have these One of a Kind Printable Unicorn Quotes on hand. Everyone could use a positive and fun quote to learn!

ideas for a unicorn themed baby girl shower

Unicorn Themed Party Supplies:

In addition to your decor, you really need a plethora of supplies.  These are my picks for your unicorn baby shower.

Make certain to create focal points on the tables! Line the tables with this Unicorn Centerpiece idea. If your theme is unicorn, why not make it everywhere?

Serving Bowl and Platters – I can’t decide between the unicorn serving tray and the rainbow serving tray. I think the rainbow one would be more useful over time, but the unicorn one is so much cooler.

Plates, Cups, and Napkins

Don’t forget forks, spoons, and knives


To keep costs down and to be able to reuse some of these items, you could choose a main color and buy all (or most) of your party supplies in just that color or a couple of different.

Good unicorn-inspired colors are pink, purple, and teal. Also, sparkly or metallic gold scream magical unicorn.

Don’t forget that you’ll need party favor boxes, too! These Unicorn Baby Shower Favor Boxes are such a fun way to send home sweet favors and treats with all your baby shower guests.

unicorn themed baby shower ideas

Unicorn-Inspired Foods:

A dessert table and/or food table can make a themed party come to life.  That is why I have collected a few unicorn food ideas for you.

No baby shower would be complete without some sort of amazing cake. This Unicorn cake is not only beautiful, it’s perfect for the focal point of your unicorn baby shower!

When it comes to gatherings and celebrating, food is life! These unicorn themed treats are the perfect way to eat and be merry.

Everyone loves chocolate, right? Unicorn Chocolate Bar Wrappers give your baby shower a homemade feel without letting everyone forget your awesome unicorn theme.

It’s no secret that rainbows and unicorns go hand in hand, so adding a few rainbow treats as well is always a great idea.

If you don’t have time to bake anything for the baby shower, everyone will understand! Instead, why not serve up these Unicorn no bake cookies?

Unicorn Cupcakes are simple, easy, and delicious. Everyone loves being able to have a dessert that they can walk around and eat.

You could even have an ice cream bar and serve up some delicious, and oh so pretty, Unicorn Ice Cream for your guests.

This Unicorn Muddy Buddies snack mix is easy to make.  Put it in small containers around the party space so that people can snack when they feel the urge.

Cut up some fruit and have this Unicorn Fruit Dip Recipe sitting on the table as a simple shower snack.

Sweets are always a great idea to have at a baby shower, but don’t forget about having some healthy food options for all your guests as well!

Games and Activities for a Unicorn Baby Shower:

Don’t go overboard, but make sure you have some games planned out.  Most baby shower attendees complain about baby shower games, but not when they are actually playing them.  Lets be real, baby shower games are fun. Period!

One of the most important aspects of a baby shower is making certain that you have fun games for everyone to play! These unicorn games won’t disappoint!

I love this Printable Unicorn Bingo Game from Etsy.  This is a fun game to play at the baby shower.

These Unicorn Baby Shower Games are certain to be the highlight of the shower. Everyone loves baby shower games and these are a lot of fun.

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn is sure to create some hilarity at your shower!  It is also an instant download from Etsy. You just print it out at home.

Gift Ideas for a Unicorn Party:

One thing about a baby shower is all the gifts. You have to have gift for the hostess and gifts for the mom-to-be. If you are doing games, you have to have gifts for the winners.  You need door prizes. So many gifts!  Make sure you have some cute wrapping paper and gift bags to help you give gifts in style, but also to help with decorations.

Most times, the moms are the ones that are always getting the gifts at the baby showers, but how adorable would it be to give the aunts and grandmas of the upcoming bundle of joy a beautiful unicorn bracelet as well?

Game Winner Unicorn Gift Ideas:

This Unicorn Canvas Tote would be perfect for any of your attendees!  Your attendee could even decide to gift it to the mom-to-be for use as a diaper or over-night bag.

I am a self-proclaimed office supply addict, so of course I am in love with these adorable Unicorn Pens and Pencil Case!

We should always be pushing water.  This stainless steel Unicorn Thermos will help keep the water handy and make us want to drink it.

Unicorn Gift Ideas for the Mom-to-Be:

Nothing is cuter, nor more useful, for your Unicorn Baby Shower than a Unicorn Diaper Cake!  This is adorable, can be used as decoration, and is the perfect gift! Score! Follow the instructions in the video below:

Gifts for the nursery keep giving for years to come:

How adorable are these little girl, unicorn-inspired outfits?

When Mom is ready to head out, she needs to pack her Unicorn diaper bag with all the unicorn essentials!

Every child deserves a security blanket and since we are determined that this new little girl is going to be just as crazy about unicorns as we are, we need to get her a unicorn security blanket. 🙂

This Pacifier Holder is too adorable to pass up.

Unicorn Party Hostess Gift Ideas:

After planning, preparing for, and putting on a unicorn baby shower, the hostess is going to be ready to relax.  You could always give her a spa certificate or you could stick with the fun unicorn theme and give her any of, or a combination of, the following gifts.

She can relax in a warm bath with this Unicorn Bath Bomb Fizzy Powder.

After her relaxing bath, she can cuddle up in her new Unicorn Plush Robe with Hoodie.

Don’t forget her feet.  These cute Unicorn Slippers are made of memory foam, so they are the perfect relief for her tired feet after a long day of hosting your baby shower. (psst, you should totally get your own pair, too!)

Don’t forget this list of Unicorn Baby Shower Gift Ideas! Having a great baby shower gift list is important.

unicorn baby shower theme

Keeping Young Guests Busy:

So many baby showers these days have a little girl (or boy) in attendance.  Oftentimes, the shower games aren’t fun or appropriate for these children.  Keep them occupied, and avoid boredom, with a few games and activities just for them.  When you pre-plan, everyone is happier!

If you have some little kids in your life, why not let them be a part of decorating for the upcoming baby shower? How much fun would little girls in attendance have making these DIY Unicorn Masks?

These adorable unicorn printables make it super simple to print, color and hang up their beautiful creations.  All you need to make certain that you have is some crayons, markers and colored pencils and let the creative juices start flowing!

For a fun twist, have all your party guests wear a color from the rainbow. It’s a super simple way to have a room full of bright and happy colors and make everyone feel that they were involved in the unicorn baby shower as well.

Have fun when you’re decorating for your unicorn themed baby shower. When you think of unicorns, you may think of mystic, and magic. If so, try to incorporate those thoughts and feelings into your upcoming shower. The more fun and unique unicorn themed items and food that you have, the more that your baby shower will truly stand out! Be proud and show your love for unicorns!

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