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Twin Baby Shower Ideas

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Planning a baby shower for twins is double the fun! And truth be told, it’s not any more work. If you find a theme that you love, just make it bigger, bolder and more exciting to be able to celebrate the birth of two babies, instead of one! Make certain you know the gender of the twins and plan accordingly.

There is a chance that you’ll be planning a baby shower for a boy AND a girl! If you are looking for some great twin baby shower ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some great ideas for some truly fun and amazing twin baby showers!

baby shower ideas for twins

Twin Baby Shower Ideas

Two means double the fun, right? Why not have a “Two Peas in a Pod” themed baby shower? Being able to decorate everything with cute little peas is a super fun and simple baby shower idea. Plus, how cute is that saying? You can make some really cute invitations and let everyone know the theme pretty simple. This twin baby shower idea would work really great if the mom isn’t finding out the sex of the babies beforehand as well.

Does the mom-to-be love everything Dr. Suess? What better time to have a Thing 1 and Thing 2 themed baby shower than when she is expecting twins! Decorate in the different Dr. Suess books and have them placed all over the room. Have snacks for the guests that go along with some of the famous books as well. Red fish (goldfish crackers!), ham (from green eggs and ham), and super fun cupcakes are the perfect way to have a Dr. Suess themed twin baby shower.

If the twins being born will be one boy, and one girl, have a Prince and Princess themed baby shower! Blue and pink scattered everywhere, along with crowns and other royalty themed items are a great way to play up the theme. Plan on the fact that they’ll “rule the kingdom” when they are born! And don’t forget to include the Queen in on the fun as well.

Baby owls are always a great choice when it comes to having a twin baby shower. Owls are not only adorable, but they are customizable as well to be in tune with the overall color choice of the shower. Pink for girls, blue for boys and yellow for the “unknown” are all fun colors that you can use to showcase just how cute little baby owls can be. Have fun with the play on words and have games such as “WHOOOO can guess the weight of the twins” or some fun guessing games along those lines. Owls are an adorable baby shower theme that can work perfectly for a twin baby shower!

Does the mom-to-be have a Disney theme in the nursery? Why not make the baby shower theme match? And if the sex is split, you can have a Mickey and a Minnie mouse themed party to celebrate both! There are so many different options on how you can celebrate a Disney themed party from having everyone wear mouse ears, to having a fun Disney movie quotes game where the guests have to guess what Disney movie it’s from!

twins baby shower ideas

Planning a baby shower for twins is so much fun! Think about anything that is “double the fun” and plan the baby shower around that idea. Always talk to the mom beforehand to ensure that she doesn’t have a different idea in mind about how she envisions the shower, and then move forward with your baby shower plans.

The more that you can play on the fact that there is “2 much fun” that is going to be happening soon for the mom-to-be, the better!

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