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October Baby Shower Ideas

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Throwing and hosting a baby shower is always so much fun! It’s such an exciting time to have all the family and friends together celebrating the upcoming birth of that sweet little bundle of joy…baby showers are seriously adorable.

With so many different themes to choose from, it can be hard to try and narrow it down. Instead of having a narrow theme, why not broaden it a bit and think more seasonally? If the mom-to-be loves the Fall season, having an October baby shower is a perfect idea!

You can incorporate leaves, pumpkins, apples, and hot chocolate into the baby shower with ease! Here are some simple October baby shower ideas that anyone can do!

Baby shower ideas and tips for October

October Baby Shower Ideas that are Beyond Perfect

The month of October presents so many amazing options for your baby shower!

Finding the perfect centerpiece doesn’t have to be hard! With these amazing Fall Mason Jar Centerpieces, your rustic October Baby Shower is certain to be perfect.

Would it even be an October celebration without SOMETHING pumpkin? Treat everyone in attendance to these yummy pumpkin spice lattes!

Everyone loves doing something fun and craft at baby showers, right? Why not pick up some of the cutest “baby” pumpkins, and let everyone decorate their own! You supply the paint, glitter, glue…anything that you think they would love to use and let them have an absolute blast making and then taking home their own little baby.

Having a delicious cake is a must for your October Baby Shower…and while there are always a ton of great options out there, sometimes just sticking with a good ol’ sheet cake is a great idea. But wait…this is an October Baby Shower…so, make that be a pumpkin sheet cake and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Don’t forget to make the cutest DIY baby shower invites as well! Not only are they fun to make, but they show your guests the theme of the upcoming shower, too.

Baby showers are always fun, but one of the best parts of the baby shower? All the awesome food! Treat your friends and family to some delicious food options. Some can be festive if you choose. These adorable Pumpkin Pretzels may just be the cutest thing ever!

And while pumpkins and Fall may scream perfect for an October Baby Shower…don’t forget that October is also prime time football season as well. If you love the pigskin, why not consider having your baby shower be one that is football focused?

Decorating for a football themed baby shower is actually pretty simple, too! Think everything football and you’ve got it covered!

October Baby Shower Ideas

Most people love cupcakes so these Double Chocolate Football Cupcakes are certain to be a touchdown!

The great part about having a football-themed October Baby Shower is that you can then even make it a co-ed possibility for the men to attend as well!

Have all the guests show up wearing their favorite sports team jerseys and have a fun game of tag football going on outside. Another fun game that you can have set up for everyone to play is to see if they can throw the football and hit certain targets. And yes, a football themed baby shower can be for a boy or girl baby! Whatever fall themed idea you want, you can have!

Planning an October themed baby shower is so much fun! There are so many varying directions that you can go based upon what your preferences are. And if you want to do a hodgepodge and combine multiple ideas, do so! It’s your fall baby shower and whatever you plan, will be absolutely perfect!

More Baby Shower Ideas

Try one of these fun baby shower themes!

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