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Princess and the Frog Baby Shower Ideas

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We all know the fairy tales about the princess and the frog, right? The beautiful princess kisses the frog and he suddenly turns into her happily ever after prince charming…even reading that is adorable!

Why not take that insanely cute concept and turn it into a Princess and the Frog baby shower idea? This is a perfect baby shower idea for twins!! (one is a boy, one is a girl!)

What a unique and fun way to celebrate your little princess and handsome frog – soon to be a prince!

The Princess and the Frog Baby Shower Ideas

Twin Baby Princess (girl) and the Frog (boy) Baby Shower Ideas

Celebrating twin babies is so much fun! Having two means that you get to double the fun for your baby shower!

There are so many princess themed games that you game incorporate into your baby shower. You can even incorporate a Disney Princess trivia game and see just how many of your guests truly know their stuff about all the princesses of the world!

Finding and making (or ordering!) the perfect princess cake for your baby shower is important! You can have a pink cake, a glitter cake, or any cake that you feel is perfect for the occasion. And honestly, can you really go wrong with cake?

Did you know that there were so many different options and color schemes when it comes to having a princess party? You can add glitter, be all gold, or even have the focal point being a crown for the top of your baby princesses head. No matter what you decide to do, have fun preparing with all these amazing different princess themes!

If you prefer to have some printable options for games at your shower, check out these amazing resources here! From word searches to guessing games, you’re certain to find something that you’ll love.

Don’t forget about incorporating the frog theme as well!

Frogs are just so adorable and are a perfect way of combining the twin boy and girl bundles of joy!

Serve up some fun green punch to serve to your attendees because, after all the games and cake, they are certain to be thirsty!

Don’t forget to have some healthy food options for your guests as well. While it is entirely possible to consume nothing but cake and cupcakes, your guests would probably appreciate some healthy Apple Frogs to nibble on in addition.

But…if you are wanting another sweet option, you know the sky is the limit for amazing desserts! These Oreo Frogs are seriously just too yummy, and cute! If I were you, I’d make up a double batch or two because they will disappear quickly!

If you are having a baby shower for twins, doesn’t that mean that you need double the cakes? While you already have your Princess ideas up above, here is an adorable Frog cake that is certain to steal your heart! After all…there can never ever be too much cake!

Decorating the room is important for a baby shower, but don’t forget about the tables as well. These fun lily pad centerpieces are a great way to tie the Princess and the Frog baby shower theme together perfectly.

Baby shower ideas and tips for a Princess and Frog Theme

Above all else, make certain that you are having fun when it comes to your baby shower ideas.

Having a dual baby shower theme is seriously so much fun and is a great reason to celebrate!

Highlight the perks of having boy and girl twins with this split baby shower.

Will your friends be “team princess or team frog”? As long as they are there to support you and your beautiful bundles of joy, that’s all that matters in the end!

More Baby Shower Ideas

Try one of these fun baby shower themes!

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