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June Baby Shower Ideas She’ll Love!

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If you’re looking for some June Baby Shower Ideas, you’re in luck. June is such a great time of year to have a shower or gender reveal. The weather is nice and warm, most people have time off to celebrate and there are just so many cool baby themes or ideas that you can roll with!

Baby sprinkles or showers, in general, are always a great time. It’s such a fun gathering or friends and family all together to celebrate the upcoming birth of that beautiful bundle of joy.

And if you just so happen to be planning a baby shower, how exciting is that! Being able to prep and prepare for a shower can be a lot of work, but it’s also a ton of fun! 

June baby shower tips and ideas

Oh, but if baby is coming in July, here are some great July baby shower ideas. And if baby might be coming a bit earlier than that, here’s some awesome May shower ideas.

Here are some super simple June Baby Shower Ideas that are quick, easy and wonderful to start planning!

June Baby Shower Ideas

When it comes to planning a summer baby shower, there are things that you need to get into place! There are just a few ideas to plan for to have the best shower possible.

The great part about summer showers is that you can really do any kind of theme that you want! Seriously, think about it, you could do jungle themed, circus themed, unicorn themed, beach, anything. Here’s a quick list of summer shower theme ideas:

best June baby shower ideas

If you’re looking for something a bit more tropical, check out these fun Tropical Baby Shower invitations! Send them out about six weeks ahead of time so your guests mark the date! Then, you can just make a super bright color scheme for the party theme with paper flowers and tikis. What a fun color palette that would be for a gender neutral party, too, with all sorts of fun tropical party ideas.

If your family and friends are anything like mine, they are always interested in the food items! These simple shower food ideas are perfect for the summer months. Easy, finger foods are just the best! 

Having some sort of dessert table at your baby shower is a given, but why not go a step further and create your own cupcake toppers? These citrus cupcake toppers are simple and easy to make and create quite the focal and conversation starter as well! 

And speaking of cupcakes, why not make your own? While you can certainly order them in bulk from the local bakery, sometimes making your own cupcakes homemade is just too much fun to pass up. During the summer months, most people have the cool water and beaches on their mind so these Beach cupcakes are certain to be a hit at your baby shower! 

There’s always a question of “to game, or not to game” when it comes to themed shower activities. But…if you want games, you should get to have them! I’m a believer that there is always time for fun games! And just in case you need some ideas, here are some of the best themed baby shower games for you to consider. 

baby shower ideas that are perfect for june

With June being the “official” month of summer, you might be considering having your baby shower outdoors. If that’s the case, let nature be an amazing backdrop for you! See if you can set up space at a local park or shelter and if not, use your backyard as the perfect place. These outdoor baby shower decorations can turn any space into baby shower ready. 

Also, if you’re having a baby shower that is kid-friendly and outdoors, think about setting up some fun outdoor activities for the kids to play as well. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk and even a simple water sprinkler set up so they can run through it are all great ideas! That way, everyone will be having fun at your baby shower!

No one says that you can’t do a “regular” (and cute) baby shower just because it’s outdoors–a circus theme, a rubber ducky theme or even a unicorn theme will work outside. for example, if you’re going for a unicorn theme for a girl baby shower, you can still plan for it to be outdoors. Just make a fun unicorn diaper cake, then pull together a piñata for the kids, make one of those fat unicorn cakes and run with it.

If the baby is going to be born in the summer, don’t forget to suggest that guest bring summer-themed baby shower gifts. Sunglasses, little swimsuits and summer hats not only make perfect summer baby gifts, but also would make for fun shower decorations!

These June baby shower ideas are so simple and easy to implement. If you do decide to go ahead and have a tropical or summer theme, you’ll be all set with these great ideas! Have fun preparing your shower to be exactly how you imagine it! 

june baby shower ideas for celebrating mom to be

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