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January Baby Shower Ideas

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What better way to kick off the New Year than with some awesome January baby shower ideas. If you are blessed with having a beautiful baby bundle of joy arriving in a few short months, the time for planning an epic baby shower is now! With the end of the year happening, and everyone looking forward to the New Year activities, announcing the idea for a January baby shower is perfect.

Think of all the possibilities! New Year, New Baby…New Year, New Family…New Year, 10 New Little Fingers and Toys…and the list could go on and on! Whatever ideas you want to incorporate, do so! It’s your baby shower, right? Have fun planning it!

If you are excited about the thought of planning out a January Baby shower, here are some great ideas to help you get started!

winter baby shower ideas for a January baby shower

January Baby Shower Ideas

Kick off the new year with an epic baby shower to remember!

Don’t skimp on the food! It’s super important to have some awesome food choices for your baby shower guests. (everyone loves to eat, right?) Having fruit trays, veggies trays and simple finger foods are always a safe bet and tend to cover a lot of what people will be able and wanting to eat.

With it more than likely being cold outside, why not have a nice, warm beverage to offer your guests? Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Having a hot chocolate bar is a fun way to let everyone make their own cup just the way they like it. Start out with your basic hot chocolate, and then go crazy with all the topping options! Marshmallows, M&M’s, sprinkles, whipped cream…you name it, have it ready for them!

Every baby shower needs amazing decorations! Being in January gives so many themed baby shower options! You can have a winter baby shower, New Years theme, or just about anything else that you want to do! Have fun finding decorations that suit you and your personality.

Throwing a baby shower for the little princess that’s about to be born in the New Year? These edible sparkling jewels can be a great addition to your January baby shower. Perfect to be on top of a cake, cupcakes or just in bowls sitting around on the tables, your guests will be in awe that these beauties are actually edible!

Having great crafts for the kids at the baby shower is always a good idea as well. While they will be more than happy to sit and watch the adults be silly, some of the kids may want to have some sort of activity to do also. These DIY Noisemakers are so much fun and are a great craft that they can take and use later on at their own home, too. I’m certain that their parents will love this craft!

January baby shower ideas and tips

And if you want a different craft option, here is a great homemade glitter slime recipe that everyone will love to play with as well! You can make it ahead and have it on the kid’s table to play with during the baby shower.

Speaking of glitter…glitter should be part of your New Year’s January baby shower for certain – no matter if it is for a boy, a girl, or a gender neutral shower! This Champagne Glitter Cake just might steal the baby shower show…It’s so beautiful that you have to try!! Don’t worry, while it looks quite beautiful, it’s certain to taste even better!

Don’t stop there….you can literally cover any type of treat that you want with edible glitter to give your winter themes baby shower some true sparkle and shine!

When it comes to having a January baby shower, pull out all the stops! This is probably the first fun event for everyone of the year and they are all there to celebrate you and your little one!

new year new baby themed baby shower ideas

None of the above ideas reach out and grab you?  Many of the December Baby Shower ideas will also work for January!

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Monday 15th of August 2022

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