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March Baby Shower Ideas

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Planning a baby shower during the month of March is so much fun! Not only is it balancing the line between Spring and Winter, but it’s also when the shine seems to be shining a bit more brightly and everyone has cabin fever to get out of the house. If you’re looking for some amazing March Baby Shower Ideas, you’ve arrived at the right place!

Before planning anything for your baby shower, keep in mind that you need to figure out a location first. After all, why go to all that planning if, in the end, you have nowhere to have it? Once you have that simple step secured, you’re ready to start planning for your March Baby Shower!

March Baby Shower Ideas

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March Baby Shower Ideas

Baby shower invitations are an absolute must! With so many amazing options and ideas happening in March, these adorable March Madness invitations are certain to steal the shower. However, if you want something a little less sporty, these adorable invites are perfect as well. (Remember, baby shower invites should be mailed out at least 4 weeks prior to the event!)

While everyone may be at your shower to celebrate you and the baby, you do need to plan on having fun games or events to keep them entertained. You’ll never run out of fun baby shower ideas with these awesome baby shower games.

Since March is technically the start of Spring, adding some bright and beautiful decorations can instantly spruce up a room or location. Spring colors are typically white or lighter pastels, and tissue balls can add some really fun pops of color! Keep in mind that fresh flowers are perfect as decorations, too.

If you’re wanting more of a “theme” than just Spring for your March Baby Shower, consider having a cute bumble bee baby shower instead. It’ll be all the “buzz”. (ha, see what I did there?!) Decorating with yellows is a great idea for a gender neutral baby shower also. But promise me that if you have a bumble bee baby shower that you absolutely make these cupcakes. They are just too cute!

Incorporating the upcoming blooming of flowers and Spring is also a really adorable theme for a March baby shower. “Please join in on the fun to welcome our blooming bundle of joy.” See, how adorable is that? Have everyone bring their own favorite flowers as a way to decorate the space and have a fun flower craft ready to go for the kiddos. As a take-home gift for everyone who attended, give them their own little planters and seeds to start their own flowers at home.

Ideas for a March baby Shower

Don’t forget about the food!

Your guests will more than likely be hungry when arriving at your baby shower, so having some sort of finger foods or menu is always appreciated. Keeping it simple with finger foods is a great way to feel less stressed and have the focus on the activities of the shower.

If you wanted to have an outdoor activity for the kids, you could set up a treat hunt (same premise as an Easter Egg hunt) and have them look for fun candies that are scattered out and about. Just make certain that you have buckets for them and treats that won’t melt! (and it’s in a safe location for them as well!) Let them decorate their own buckets beforehand as well as a fun and interactive activity!

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Having a March baby shower can be a ton of fun! Whether you decide to have your theme be about basketball, Spring or cute little insects or animals, rest easy knowing that there are a ton of amazing ideas and resources that you can use and recreate to make it the best baby shower ever!

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What great ideas, Kelli! I love baby showers. So much fun♄