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Simple and Fun April Baby Shower Ideas

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You’re probably all too familiar with the saying that “April showers bring May flowers”, right? Well, how about we change it up a bit to make it say “April Baby Shower” instead?

Kinda a fun little play on words that leads into some great April baby shower ideas that are simple and fun to incorporate!

If you’ve got baby shower planning on the brain, that’s a good thing! It means you’re excited about your upcoming baby bundle of joy and are ready to celebrate their arrival.

What better way to do so than by surrounding yourself with your closest family and friends? Having an April baby shower is a great plan and there are so many great ideas to make it happen!

baby shower ideas perfect for April and Spring

Here are some simple April Baby Shower ideas that anyone can do!

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April Baby Shower Ideas

Anything Spring related is always a great April baby shower idea! This can be incorporated a couple of different ways. Fresh flowers can be used as decorations throughout the entire venue, but if that isn’t an option, making your own paper flowers is always fun, too! Use bright colors and make them varying sizes so that they really stand out and pop.

Having great centerpieces are always important for a baby shower, so these adorable DIY rainboot centerpieces are just too cute to pass up! They can ev en be used for either gender of the baby shower as well, as you can change the colors of the rain-boots to fit your baby shower needs.

Making flower cupcakes is great, but what about taking it to the next level and creating a cupcake flower bouquet? Imagine the look on the guest’s faces when they see this amazing dessert display! What looks like may take hours and hours of time can actually be done just by following the simple steps and directions.

If your April baby shower is going to be kid-friendly, you’re going to need to plan ahead and have some activities and crafts planned for them. When you think of April showers, everyone wants to stay out of the rain, right? With these adorable Umbrella crafts for the kids, they’ll have a blast creating some of the cutest umbrellas around!

Speaking of umbrellas, there are some really cute and adorable Baby Shower Umbrella Invitations out there that may just be perfect! Etsy is home to some truly creative and inventive ideas that can let your guests know the theme of your April baby shower with ease.



Making certain that you’re feeding your guests is always important, and finger foods tend to be pretty easy. Think of food that is quick, simple and delicious and isn’t going to take a long time to make – or clean up. With this list of 30 baby shower finger food ideas, hopefully, you can find one or two food items that’ll treat their taste buds.

If you have a love for books and reading, one other really cool idea to implement into your baby shower planning is to have everyone bring their favorite Springtime book for your little one. This is in lieu of cards and instead, have all the guests sign the books instead.


It’s a great way to build up a library of baby books for your bundle of joy and create some awesome memories and keepsakes as well! Plus, you’ll have hours upon hours of reading moments and bonding time in your future!

Having an April baby shower can be so much fun! No matter what theme you decide to choose, just remember that you can be creative in making it your own! Most baby shower themes can be gender neutral as well, so don’t let that stop you. Be authentic in your choices and have fun with your planning!

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