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Unicorn Baby Shower Food Ideas

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Throwing a baby shower is supposed to be a pleasant event. What’s one way you can make it even more fun? A unicorn themed baby shower is not only what you want but what you need. I want to share with you the perfect Unicorn Baby Shower Food Ideas.

Food is what makes the party complete! When you’re throwing a unicorn baby shower, you need to have all the happy colorful food that you can find. There is no shortage of unicorn themed food ideas for baby showers, I can promise you that.

The only thing I wish now is that I can go back in time to when I was pregnant, and have a unicorn themed baby shower. I hope you enjoy these witty ideas inspired by the very colorful unicorn.

food ideas for a unicorn baby shower or themed party

Unicorn Baby Shower Food Ideas

Unicorn Muddy Buddies are without a doubt fun to make! This Unicorn Baby Shower Food idea is something everyone needs to make. You can see this recipe on the 3 Boys and a Dog website.

Need a food filler for the baby shower? Unicorn Popcorn  from 3 Boys and a Dog is just what you need to make this baby shower just a little more colorful.

These Unicorn Cream Cheese Mints from Finding Zest bring so much joy. Any baby shower would be awesome with these mints as a part of the table setting.

Every unicorn baby shower needs this Unicorn Cream Cheese Spread from Courtney’s Sweets. It’s divine! Who doesn’t love cheese bites?!

Make sure you check out these Unicorn Rice Krispies from Ruffles and Rain Boots! I’ve always been a huge fan of rice krispies and these do not disappoint.

Unicorn Bark  is a must make recipe when you have kids, especially for a baby shower. You can find this recipe on the 3 Boys and a Dog website.

Unicorn Baby Shower food ideas

Want something for your baby shower guests to munch on? Saving You Dinero has an awesome Unicorn Snack Mix to try!

If you’re looking for a special way to make a baby shower special, give these Easy Unicorn Cookies from Saving You Dinero a try.

Everyone needs some of these Rainbow Unicorn Dessert Cups from Finding Zest. I know you’ll enjoy making these.

Want something fun to make for a baby shower from Kimspired DIY? I can’t get enough of this Easy Unicorn Cupcake Tutorial with Edible Horn Cupcake Toppers!

Okay, these Unicorn Poop Meringue Cookies from Drugstore Divas are AMAZING!

Have you ever had these Vegan Unicorn Pudding Pods from Flippin Delicious are so good! I think they make an awesome Unicorn baby shower food idea.

Everyone needs fruit at a baby shower. This Rainbow Unicorn Fruit Dip Recipe from Just a Little Creativity is something everyone needs to try.

These Magical Unicorn Donuts from Savvy Saving Couple are worth having at your party.

Sometimes you need a big amazing Unicorn Cake Batter Fudge Recipe! California Unpublished has the best recipe you will find.

If you want to WOW your guests at a unicorn themed baby shower, Ever After in the Woods has created this fun Unicorn Poop Rainbow Dip.

Grab this Unicorn Cupcakes recipe from Mom Skoop is something everyone needs at a unicorn baby shower party.

fun food ideas for a unicorn baby shower

More Unicorn Baby Shower Food Ideas

There are so many great options for unicorn shower food.

Sometimes you just want something simple at a unicorn themed baby shower and that’s where these DIY Unicorn Treats Pretzel Rods  from The Inspired Edit come in. So delicious!

Learn how to make a Unicorn Cake with Rainbow Layers from Family Spice!

Discover your inner unicorn with these fun Unicorn Cookies from The Inspiration Edit. I’m sure everyone at the baby shower will enjoy discovering their inner unicorn.

If the person you’re throwing a baby shower has a sense of humor, then perhaps this White Chocolate Puff Corn: AKA Unicorn Poop is for you! Blessed Beyond Crazy created this recipe and its picture poop perfect.

These Unicorn Donuts are too good to pass up!

And while it maybe didn’t make the list, one of the other fun food ideas is cotton candy. Everyone loves cotton candy, right?

Don’t forget these delicious finger foods! Raw veggies, french fries or even fresh fruit all make great options, too.

unicorn baby shower food menu ideas

What is a good party favor for your unicorn party?

The sky is the limit! You can give out unicorn headbands, unicorn bath bombs, unicorn poop slime…anything fun that you want, really. When it’s your party or baby shower, you control the aspect of handing out the favors.

Are there any unicorn baby shower games to play?

Yes! Why not play “Pin the tail on the Unicorn” or Unicorn Horn toss? And those are just a few! Whatever games you want to play, get them set up and ready to go!

Aren’t these unicorn baby shower food ideas the best? You’ll be loving life and your guests will be loving the food in no time at all!

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