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February Baby Shower Ideas

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With February being the shortest month of the year, why not take center stage and plan a totally fun February baby shower? Everyone loves a reason to celebrate any time of the year, and February seems like the perfect month to make it happen. The great thing about having a February baby shower is that it can be for boys or girls or twins…or whatever combination of baby shower ideas you can possibly think of!

If you’ve searching for February baby shower ideas, here are some great tips for making your shower dream come true!

unforgettable February baby shower ideas tips and recipes

Baby Boy February Baby Shower

How much fun is it to have a baby shower just a couple months into the year? It seems like the holidays are just finishing up, the New Year just started and it’s already time for baby shower fun! If you have a little bundle of joy on the way, there are so many ways that you can celebrate a baby boy February baby shower.

Throwing a baby shower for a boy is so much fun! With it being in February, why not have a “Baby it’s cold outside” theme for everyone to enjoy?

Having a delicious hot chocolate or coffee bar is always a good idea when it’s cold. Everyone will be so thankful that you’re treating them and their coldness!

Don’t forget the decorations! This “Baby It’s Cold Outside” banner is so cute! It would look perfect hanging off the mantel or above a doorframe!

The biggest thing to remember if you have having a themed baby shower? The invitations! Always have your theme on the invitation so everyone knows ahead of time!

Another great thought for a February baby shower is to have a crock pot cooking some delicious soup for your guests. Is there anything better than warming up with a nice bowl of soup surrounded by family and friends?

Baby Girl February Baby Shower

Now that you know it’s possible for there to be an awesome boy baby shower in February, let’s focus on the fun ideas for a baby girl baby shower! Of course, the most obvious one for a girl in February would be a Valentine’s Day themed baby shower, right?

Not only is the pink and red perfect, it’s easy to find fun decorations to go along with it! Don’t forget to hand out adorable valentine’s day cards and invitations…everyone loves getting and receiving those!

February baby shower ideas for boys and girls

When it comes to the cake, how cute are these love bug cake ball ideas? Everyone loves cake balls and with good reason! They are simple to eat and even easier to clean up!

And if you prefer to have cupcakes, don’t miss out on these adorable options!

Having fun crafts for the younger kids is always a good idea as well. The more, the better so that they have something to do to keep them busy during the baby shower. These cute Valentine’s themed crafts would be perfect!

Go crazy when it comes to finding fun Valentine’s Day decorations! You could have napkins, plates, table runners…you name it. Anything red and pink of course will work.

And if you decide that you don’t want to have a Valentine’s Day theme, that’s totally fine! Anything dealing with cold, snow or your likes are always a good avenue as well.

baby shower ideas perfect for February and Valentines Day

Think of February as the perfect month to have a boy baby shower or a girl baby themed shower because there are fun options for either. And if you wanted to, either option listed above could work well for either. You get to decide how you want to plan and have it because it’s your baby shower!

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Wednesday 20th of February 2019

Very creative! What an awesome collection of ideas. My youngest is now 14, so it's been a while since we've been down this path! Glad I found you through Penny's Wonderful Wednesday blog hop.

Mother of 3

Sunday 17th of February 2019

Such cute ideas!

Arpit Pal

Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Thanks for providing such a cute ideas for baby shower. I hope you will share same informative post in future also. Please keep sharing!!